Instagram suspended the account of Javier Milei for a few minutes, what is the reason?

Instagram suspended the account of Javier Milei for a few minutes, what is the reason?

Users who searched this Wednesday for the Instagram account of the elected president of Argentina, Javier Milei, realized that the profile was temporarily suspended from the social network.

Apparently, the account of the elected “Office of the President” disappeared from the air in a few minutes due to non-compliance with the terms of use of the social network. However, Meta, the owner of Instagram, lifted the suspension within minutes.

Agustín Romo, elected representative of Argentina, criticized the situation through a publication on another social network, X (formerly Twitter), accusing Instagram of censorship.

“Instagram has just permanently suspended the @OPEArg account. It seems that uploading press releases from a democratically elected President violates the rules. Be careful, the dictator (Nicolás) Maduro has his account active. I hope someone reads this and reactivates it. This is a shame,” the elected representative wrote.

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Minutes later, the same politician confirmed the restoration of the account, which can now be accessed regularly. “We made it public, the issue started moving, they contacted Fernando Cerimedo (one of Milei’s advisors on social networks) and within 10 minutes they solved it,” added Romo.

Javier Milei, who this Wednesday presented his resignation as the deputy who will sit as president of Argentina on December 10, has 138,000 followers on Instagram and 259,474 on X in the Office of President Javier Milei (@opearg) account.

Since his election on November 19, Milei’s team has published daily statements on various social networks, presenting the “Office of the President” as a narrative inspired by the American White House.

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