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Thursday, February 25, 2021

International Data Privacy Day: 6 jugaads, FB or Twitter will not be able to steal your data to keep yourself secure

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The day of January 28 is celebrated as International Data Privacy Day. On this occasion, to keep people aware, digital security and privacy products developer and veteran Avast has told people safety tips. Data Privacy Day is to make people aware about security and privacy and to promote data protection.

Shane McName, Avast’s chief privacy officer, said, “It is important that you are not indifferent when it comes to online privacy, and regularly check that you are on your privacy and personal data shared online How to keep control, which includes social media websites and apps, which many Indians use every day. ”

Actually platforms like Facebook and Google have designed their ad networks in such a way that they monitor your personal data. However, there are ways by which you can take control of certain things and limit the accessibility of websites that steal your personal data. Users can decide for themselves who can see their data or who is not. For this, Shane McName has given 6 easy steps so that you can withdraw some of your privacy from social media and apps…

How to manage ad

You can ban data advertisers displaying target ads on different social media platforms. Keep an eye on it through your privacy and ad settings and you can stop tracking and ad targeting on social media, such as ‘Off-Twitter Activity’ on Twitter and ‘Ads Shown off of Facebook’ can be used on Facebook. .

Turn off location tracking

Location tracking and history in your photos, even metadata, allows social media platforms and apps to track and catalog precise locations. In this case, a good privacy-protection step is to shut down your location service on the phone for all social media apps and cameras. If you have an iPhone, you can find it in Settings-> Privacy-> Location Service. On Android, turn off Settings-> Location Sharing-> Location History and adjust location access for apps.

Do not log anywhere

On some social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok, you do not need to log in to view content. By logging in, these platforms store a lot of your data such as your user journals, the content searched, and the add-ons you click on.

Cancel app and game permission

If you like most people, you may have entered your Facebook or Google login details in other applications and websites. Whereas it gives those sites access to your data and gives Facebook more information about you. Through your Facebook settings, you can cancel permissions or you can choose what data is being taken for the apps and games you still use.

Do not click on ads

Many social media platforms and apps not only monitor the ads you click on, but also see how much time you spend looking at them or swiping through them. If you want social media platforms or apps not to know about your interests, then really make a habit of ignoring everyone together. For example, do not use the shop service you can find on Instagram and Google. If you see something that you like, you can search using VPN through your browser.

Create a burner email address

Burner email ie a different email id. In addition to your personal email address, you should also create a separate ID, which should be used for common tasks. These companies will not be able to track you. Here it is important to keep in mind that you do not link this mail id to a common email.

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