International Traveling Exhibition at Carnegie Science Center will close on April 24

If you’ve been meaning to see Pompeii: The Exhibition, there are only a few weeks left before April 24 when it moves to another museum.

“We’ve seen almost unprecedented attendance over the past month and the reviews on social media are overwhelmingly positive,” said Jason Brown, director of the Carnegie Science Center’s Henry Buhl Jr. “It is also encouraging to see an entirely new audience come to experience Pompeii. There are plenty of adult couples participating as well as families with children who are interested in science, art, history, and artifacts, such as gladiator armor. Brown said the science center “has limited capacity and the last three weeks of each traveling exhibition are always the busiest, so buying tickets online is highly recommended. Online shopping fees have been eliminated, so buying tickets in advance is the same as buying tickets in advance.” is cheap.”

Pompeii contains 180 original artifacts from AD 79 that tell the story of an ancient Roman city with an eclectic culture. Visitors find items from a bustling port city, including tables, utensils, vases, fishhooks and anchors, wine ware, jewelry and gladiator gear. Highly detailed bronze and life-size marble statues, mosaics crafted with subtle detail, and numerous videos to help complete the stories – such as what they ate and drank then – are many of the features. (The dormice was a delicacy—as was the watery wine!)

Finally, a 4D re-enactment of the devastating volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius and finally, a room with bodies frozen in motion is a startling and sad reminder of the devastation.