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Intuitive eating, the fashionable way to lose weight that runs away from diets

Most of us, when we want to lose weight, go on more or less strict diets or try new tricks. And yes, you guessed it: Most of us give up after a while.

In fact, 81% of Spaniards fail when dieting, despite the fact that 76% admit they are not happy with their weight, according to an XLS Medical survey on factors of success and failure in weight loss efforts. is detailed in Nearly 3,000 people were researched by the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity.

Perhaps one of the reasons we can’t lose weight or even diet is that we’re not built for it. Which is to say, if food is fuel, then we’re pouring gasoline into our body that it’s not asking for, ergo, we’re forcing it, which makes us feel tired, irritable, and forces us to give up any diet. leads to

But what if instead of planning ahead for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we started listening to our bodies?

What is comfort food?

It’s basically intuitive eating, based on the premise that our bodies naturally know what and how much to eat, as well as what nutrients it needs at the moment.

Surely sometimes your body asks for sweets, or proteins, or fats. Well, it is as simple as giving it to them but with healthier options. That is to say, we choose a fruit if it is sweet; If it’s protein, for chickpeas; And if it is fat, for example, for nuts.

This is what intuitive eating is based on, a term that appeared in 1995 as the title of a book by Evelyn Tribole and Elise Resch, Intuitive Eating, which argues that diets do not work to stay healthy or lose weight. does.

How can you lose weight with this method?

Conscious eating can even help you lose weight as long as we’re in tune with the signals our body sends us, as well as our sense of fullness.

This method avoids eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied, as well as making healthier choices when to eat. For this reason, it will never work for someone who has an eating disorder, is nutritionally deficient, or cannot tell the difference between physical and emotional hunger.

But if we have a healthy relationship with food and have a basic knowledge of food and nutrition, we can give our body what it demands from us at all times. You just have to learn to listen carefully.

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Healthy eating principles

The concept of this method is a bit abstract, so here are ten of its principles, some of which are elaborated by prevention:

  • Reject our thoughts about diets. To begin with, you have to let go of the idea that there is a “right” way to eat or that losing weight is the key to health and happiness.
  • Honor your hunger. Instead of following a strict meal plan or counting calories, listen to your body and eat only when you’re hungry.
  • Make peace with food. Give yourself permission to enjoy any food without feeling guilty or ashamed, and stop labeling foods “good” and “bad.”
  • Respect your perfection. Take breaks between meals to tune in to your body’s fullness signals (decreased desire to eat, not thinking about food, or feeling more energized).
  • Discover the satisfaction factor with every bite.
  • Honor your feelings without using food. Do you always turn to food when you’re sad, stressed, angry or bored? It’s okay to use food as a mechanism occasionally, but it shouldn’t become a habit.
  • Respect your body. You must accept that your body will never be as slim or athletic or fat or as flabby as someone else’s; they are different.
  • Exercise. Focus on exercises that you find enjoyable and energizing, rather than a tedious or boring routine.
  • Respect your health. Focus on small changes that make you feel better, not worse. Ideally, you want to include protein, carbs, and fat at each meal, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

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The research on intuitive eating is still sparse, but studies so far suggest that it is linked to a more positive emotional outlook, greater life satisfaction and greater body appreciation, as well as helping to maintain a healthy weight.

In the end, it’s giving your body what it demands and taking care of you to take care of it too, but, yes, first we must learn to listen to it and interpret it correctly.

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