Iran shuts down mobile internet and limits social media amid protests over Mahsa Amin’s death

On the other hand, it was detailed that at least 8 demonstrators have died as of this Wednesday in the last days of protests in Iran, according to a joint ethics report resulting from the death of young Mahsa Amini after being arrested by police. balance.

Iran mobile internet was shut down on wednesday night almost entirely and limited applications such as whatsapp and instagram In an effort to control protests over the death of Mahsa Amen, In which six have died.

The NetBlock platform, which monitors user connectivity and Internet censorship, said the main mobile network provider “They have almost completely stopped their services.”

In addition, he pointed out that access whatsapp and instagram, One of the few Western apps allowed in Iran, whose officials keep it blocked Facebook and Twitter, Although users use them with a VPN.

“Iran now faces biggest internet sanctions since November 2019 genocide”, Netblocks indicated.

The platform referred to the protests three years ago caused by a rise in fuel prices and the release of more than 300 dead and thousands of detainees, according to Amnesty International.

Then, Iranian authorities completely cut off the Internet for several days across the country.

Mahsa Amin and the death of the “moral police”

The internet has stalled since protests broke out after Amini’s death on Friday, but are very local. The above, especially in Iranian Kurdistan, where the young woman was from.

Amini was arrested on Tuesday of last week for calling morale police in Tehran, where she was going, and was taken to a police station to attend “An Hour of Re-education” To wear the veil wrong.

He died three days later in a hospital, where he fell into a coma after suffering a heart attack, which officials have attributed to health problems, which the family dismissed.

Since then, there have been protests every day, especially at night, and protesters have published clashes with security forces on social networks.

Six people have died in five days of protests in more than 20 Iranian cities, according to the authorities’ version.

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