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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Irfan Pathan in support of Rihanna, named after George Flood, with other players in India

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Following the tweet by pop star Rihanna in favor of the farmers movement, social media seems to be divided into two factions. While one section has described it as a propaganda against India, the other faction has supported Rihanna. At the same time, former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan is also now called Intellectuals Has joined the gang. And he has supported Rihanna’s talk in gestures.

Let me tell you, recently foreign celebrities like Rihanna, Greta Thunberg, Amanda Cerny, Lily Singh, Jay Sean tweeted in support of farmers. As if there was an earthquake on social media after his protest. However, it was later revealed that his support was part of a coordinated campaign, after which he was fiercely beaten up by Indian veterans.

From legendary Bollywood celebrities like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Sunil Shetty, Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor, Kailash Kher to Indian cricketers, including legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, Team India head coach Ravi Shastri, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli also has international celebrities. Had called for unity with Indians against the tweet of

Significantly, in this time of need, the entire cricket team was standing by the unity of India and tweeting with the hashtag #IndiaAgainstPropegenda while giving its support to remain united against the ‘propaganda against India’. In such a situation, former Indian player Irfan Pathan thought it better to support international celebrities.

Irfan Pathan sarcastically did one on Thursday Tweet “When George Floyd (a black citizen) was killed by a policeman in America, our country also expressed its sorrow over it.” Along with this, he has used the hash tag #Justsaying. “

It is noteworthy that through this tweet, not only Irfan Pathan supported the rioters who spread violence in Delhi under the guise of farmers on 26 January, but also indirectly linked the case with the George Floyd incident and provoked the people of the Firangi. Criticized the giving celebrities and cricketers too.

Explain that an African American, George Floyd, was killed by the police in the US. Soon after, a gang of so-called intellectuals in India over the matter Muslims Had tried to provoke feelings. They wanted Muslims to take to the streets to protest against this so-called ‘Muslim Lives Matter’.

Let us tell you that pop singer Rihanna shared a news on Twitter on Tuesday, writing, “Why are we not talking about it? Along with this, he also wrote the farmer’s Protest hashtag. ” While sharing this news, activist Greta Thunberg also expressed her ‘solidarity’ with the protesters.

After which the Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement saying that a very small section of farmers in some parts of the country have some objections about agrarian reforms and need to understand the issue before making hasty comments on the movement.

Reacting to the propaganda spreading on Twitter, the Ministry of External Affairs took to the tweet of famous people like Rihanna and Greta Thunberg that the sensational social media hashtag and the way to woo comments, especially if done by celebrities, is neither accurate Is nor Responsibility is. This is an easy way to woo people.

In this regard, the Ministry of External Affairs further said, “Before commenting on such matters we urge that the facts be ascertained and a proper understanding of the issues be made. The Parliament of India passed reformist laws related to the agricultural sector after full debate and discussion. ” However, no particular name has been taken by the Ministry during this period.

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