Is it worth having a laptop instead of a desktop?

powerful gaming laptop

Having a PC at home is a necessity for many people, because you want to have a device for entertainment or gaming, or because you work from home, or as support for studies. For this reason, if many people are in need buy a pc finds himself in the position of having to choose between a portable or one dessertand since we found ourselves in this same situation, we will tell you our experience in this regard.

By now we all know the pros and cons of each; In short, a laptop gives you portability, the ability to carry it from one place to another without depending on cables or plugs. For its part, a desktop is more comfortable and generally more powerful and quieter, but it has the disadvantage that you need to put it somewhere.

Below we will tell you our personal experience about it.

Buy a laptop or desktop… well it depends

Over the years, each person’s personal situation can change a lot, and we won’t lie to you: a laptop is much more versatile than a desktop PC. If you are a person who needs to travel often or needs to take your computer to work every day, then there is no doubt: buy a laptop.

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Powerful Gaming Laptop

Today, the fact of buying a laptop that is at home in almost all cases is the same as ending up fixing it on the table, connected to a keyboard, mouse and monitor to make it more comfortable to use, because we are Frank. : The ease ​​​​​​​​​​​of using a dedicated mouse and keyboard with a large monitor cannot be compared to using the same ones on the laptop itself, even if you use an external mouse as usual.

In these cases there is no doubt that it is better to choose a desktop PC, because even if you always fix it in the same place you will have comfort that a laptop cannot provide, not to mention that one Generally speaking, it is almost always more powerful and quieter than a laptop.

However… it all depends, and here we will talk to you about our personal experience. We work from home and spend a lot of time in front of the PC, so having a desktop is normal. However, like others we also go on vacation, and working from home also means that we can work wherever we have an electrical connection (because the battery of the devices is not infinite) and the Internet, and this is something that you can. ‘t get it on a desktop PC fixed in one place (although of course you can take it to another place, but you have to mount and dismount, connect and disconnect).

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Dessert Pc

So, the truth is that in 95% of the time the desktop PC is better for us, but the other 5% of the time we miss having a laptop so that we can use it in another place, like for example when you go for at Christmas. .to take a few days to see family. Yes, if you travel while on vacation you won’t be working, but what if you want to stay for a few days? You can work from there perfectly if you have a laptop.

Finally, and we repeat that this is our personal experience, we have a desktop PC for daily use at home, and a laptop that we generally use very little, but it works well for us dad -on when we go. on trips, trips, vacations (to indulge in some vices, watching series, etc. or even to work if necessary) or because you go away for a few days to see family.

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So, and in conclusion, it is a fact that a laptop is very good for you in many cases, especially if you are traveling or if you work in front of a PC, but in most cases the desktop is most reasonable option, because It. more powerful and more comfortable. It is not appropriate to have a laptop constantly on the table connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse when you can have a desktop for it.