Is Jenna Ortega the new “Queen of Horror”? His filmography speaks volumes for itself…

 Is Jenna Ortega the new

Young American artist Jenna Ortega is living a sweet moment and her career confirms that her favorite genre is horror, where she is going from strength to strength.

We have to talk about Jenna Ortega. Although he is not yet 22 years old, he has already been active for a few years. In fact, she started her acting career as a child actress with small roles in films iron Man 3 hey Insidious: Chapter 2,

As she has added years, experience and popularity to her career, she has also started to be more selective and display Strong attraction to characters with a somewhat dark, sad, and melancholy tone, This is the case of his last unsuccessful attempt in cinema. miller’s girl In which she adopts a young femme fatale attitude which suits her perfectly.

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Yes, this may be a lapse in his filmography, but that is the lesser evil and we look forward to his future and start thinking about the next projects he will be a part of.

The second season is imminent Wednesday whose premiere Netflix has been heating up for months, in response to the success (and even viralization) of one of its star series, Thanks, Well. Jenna Ortega And its photogenicity.

Most expected is the return of Tim Burton beetlejuice beetlejuice One of the most anticipated latest sequels in recent times in which we return to the iconic fantasy of the influential 1988 film.

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From here and after leaving Scream 7, which will apparently be a complete reboot following the departure of Melissa Barrera and the departure of Jenna Ortega, and director Christopher Landon, who has called filming “chaotic”, he has set his agenda for several new People have free offers that will be presented to you.

However, for anyone who wants to enjoy his work, there are films like Ty West or The Fallout’s X, where you can appreciate his taste for gruesomeness as well as his passion for acting. Can.

we have gone Jenna Ortega For the time being… let’s hope he continues on his path with the same determination and dedication.

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