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Is my alma mater a communist training camp?


Yes, Cornell University students are trained to be good communists.

The term is not used, but students are trained to believe that once they overthrow the “system”, life will become easier. At a deeper level, they received the carrot and stick training of communism. If you obey its requirements, the carrot is the free thing you get, and if you resist, the stick is the punishment imposed. Pablo Escobar called it a “silver or lead” (“plata o plomo”)-either accept the reward or be shot.

Cornell students are rewarded for obeying ideological orthodoxy. They achieve good grades, gain social recognition, and enter prestigious jobs controlled by theorists. If they resist the campus “radicalists”, they will be bullied by a rapid escalation.

The threat of social exclusion is usually enough to persuade people to give in and accept good things. As a result, totalitarians can take over an institution with only a little violence against a few people who have not been bought or intimidated.

The human brain is designed to learn from carrots and sticks. When we receive a reward or threat, neurons will connect, which will allow us to react quickly to similar carrots and sticks in the future. No conscious awareness is involved. Every brain responds to the motivational structure it is in without consciously.

This is why the students did not realize that they were bullied and accepted an ideology. In fact, if you admit the atmosphere of fear they create, totalitarians will punish you. They reward you for pretending that you are just for the greater good.

It is worth noting that a group of Cornell University students gave a speech last week. A group of self-proclaimed “liberals” complained in the school newspaper that the campus restricts self-expression. I will not dwell on the events that led to this situation, because the brave Cornell law professor William Jacobson reported them well. Instead, I want to explain the historical roots of the communist training at Cornell University.

I started my freshman year there in 1971, when I knew nothing about Marxism. But in just a few months, I “know” that capitalism is the root of all problems, so tearing it down will make peace and love bloom like daisies. I accepted the belief that “America” ​​is the root of all evil. I don’t believe everything I was told, but I learned to resist the urge to challenge it because I can see what the result will be.

Decades passed before I woke up from this training. During that time, I unfortunately passed it on to more innocent young people. (This story is told in my book “How I Get Rid of Political Correctness, You Can”.) Then I felt stupid to be beaten by snooker, so I tried to understand more deeply how it happened. My research has led to some little-known facts.

In 1969, a black student group at Cornell University took over the main student union building. The photos of the artist who bought the artist with a gun went viral in major media. The negotiations between the “radicalists” and the government were led by a popular political science professor who committed suicide shortly afterwards. Professor Clinton Rossit is said to be frustrated with the way that managers and faculty, his old friends, succumbed to all demands.

“Life” magazine published a huge picture of Rossit’s negotiations, but when his son found his body, his body was silent, when he was a Cornell University student.

I learned this in my son’s autobiography. Sadly, my son insists on the popular view that “radicalists” are good people. This view still exists, as if the university gained prestige from this incident.

One year after these incidents, my advisor recommended that I apply to Cornell University. Although I am grateful to go there, I strongly suspect that this consultant is accepting a large-scale marketing campaign from Cornell University.

Soon, I walked every day at the famous photo scene in front of Willard’s Straight Hall. (Not to be confused with the nearby building that was taken over in 1972.) During that time, I never asked who Willard Stwright was, so imagine when I stumbled upon his son Michael Stright Wright is a member of the Cambridge spy group for the KGB.

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Willard died of the Spanish flu pandemic, and his property was inherited by his “progressive” widow. She brought three young children to the UK, where she established a “progressive” education. Her son entered Cambridge University in the 1930s, when a young man’s interests often turned to the Communist Party. Some Cambridge spies escaped to the Soviet Union, but Michael Strright was hired by Roosevelt as soon as he returned home!

Other feathers in the Stwright hat include the publisher of the New Republic and the vice chairman of the National Art Foundation. Back then, as now, following the communist agenda was a career booster.

The prevalence of communism among college students in the 1930s has been obliterated by history, as if it never happened. If you mention it, you will be condemned as a McCarthyist. William F. Barkley’s “God and Man at Yale” gives us a glimpse into the 1940s roots of the current intellectual trend.

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What hope do students today have to get rid of this deep-rooted orthodoxy?

It is hopeless to see a column by Cornell students accepting the goals of “activists” and limiting their attention to the risk that their strategies might hinder their careers.

It is not exciting to hear that the Cornell government plans to impose mandatory anti-racist activism on all students, faculty and staff.

In my opinion, the only hope is for students to think about “inclusiveness.” I did not “feel tolerated” at Cornell University. I feel different from students who I think are richer, more educated or more attractive. But I learned to manage these feelings because no one taught me to blame my feelings on others. Of course, no one authorizes me to punish those who I think reject me.

From the beginning, humans must manage the feelings within/out of the group. In the animal world, an isolated individual will soon be taken away by a predator. This is why the mammalian brain releases a threat chemical (cortisol) when it is quarantined, and a reward chemical (oxytocin) when it finds a safe amount. We have a strong sense of social acceptance because we inherit the limbic brain of mammals.

But animals do not “include” every small animal that walks by. The herd or group or army is defined by the trust relationship established based on past experience. Mammals must establish bonds of trust in order to be recognized. Mammals have a strong motivation to establish trust relationships because they face predators alone without predators.

Building trust is a learned skill. It took me a long time to learn, and it was painful. If I saw a simple alternative, I would not learn it.

Communism offers an easy choice. As long as you accept each new “fact” reported by the leader, you will be “accepted” immediately.

Once you join, it is difficult to leave the communist community, because you have learned to expect the “system” to meet your needs, and you have not learned to build trust on your own. According to our new elites, if the system does not make you feel inclusive, it is a kind of “traumatic”.

If you accept this surrealist mentality, you can also become an elite!

This is a difficult choice, but we are lucky to have options.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Dr. Loretta G. Breuning is the founder of the Institute of Inner Mammals and an emeritus professor of management at California State University, East Bay. She is the author of many personal development books, including “The Habits of Happy Brain: Retraining Your Brain to Increase Your Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin, and Endorphin Levels” and “How can I get rid of political correctness, so can you” . Dr. Breuning’s work has been translated into eight languages ​​and cited by major media. Before teaching, she worked at the United Nations in Africa. She graduated from Cornell University and Tufts University. Her website is


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Is my alma mater a communist training camp?
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