Is Taylor Swift destined to be Travis Kelce’s girlfriend? The strange sign that drives Swifties crazy

 Is Taylor Swift destined to be Travis Kelce's girlfriend?  The strange sign that drives Swifties crazy

Taylor Swift fans just found out that the singer owns a Kansas City Chiefs jersey long before he started dating the Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

It is remarkable because it has always been known quickly is a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

“I have a lyric that says, ‘With my Eagles t-shirt hanging on the door.’ I see some people wondering if this is the band Eagles or the team that Eagles and I like the band that Eagles but guys, let’s go” quickly said during a concert last May. “I’m from Philly. Of course it’s the team.”

That’s even more ironic considering Travis‘ brother, Jason Kelce playing for Phillies.

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It turns out, he is the owner of a Chiefs jersey since September 23, 2015. That was when Chiefs backup quarterback Go after Daniel shared a photo on Twitter of himself, his wife Hillary and quickly backstage.

quickly holding a Chiefs jersey and the caption read: “Thank you @taylorswift13 4 for hosting us last night. We gave Taylor his own @chiefs jersey 4 the 1989 Tour!”

A fast fan commented on this week’s post saying: “Is this true?”. Daniel replied: “True!”

Fans thought it was a sign

Naturally, this revelation led to many Taylor Swift fans to quote a lyric from one of his songs, Invisible String.

“Isn’t it wonderful to think that eventually there is an invisible string that binds you to me?”

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Fans now think the pair were always destined to be together after this latest discovery.

It is known that he will soon have a Cincinnati Bearcats basketball jersey. “Today I received the order for Tavis Kelce (sic),” wrote Nancy Roth on Facebook. “The UC Jorden (sic) men’s basketball jersey set is for him and his brother and two friends, and of course his girl.”