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Is the expansion of the universe an illusion? This will change the idea we have of the cosmos

The expansion of the Universe is a fundamental phenomenon in cosmology that has been the subject of research for many years by scientists and astronomers. According to the Big Bang theory, the Universe began as an extremely hot and dense place about 13.8 billion years ago and has been expanding continuously since then.

This expansion can be seen in the observation of galaxies millions of light years away that are increasingly moving away from Earth at a rate proportional to their distance. This discovery, known as Hubble’s Law, ensures that space is always growing, which means that the distances between the objects in it are getting bigger over time.

As space expanded, galaxies moved away from each other, and over time, the Universe became cooler and less dense. This led to the idea that, eventually, the Universe could cool down to a state of maximum entropy, a scenario known as the “Big Freeze”, a theory worked on by Albert Einstein and many other scientists, who mentions that all stars will eventually go. out and the matter will disperse into space, leaving behind a vast, dark Universe.

The expansion of the Universe is a fascinating topic that continues to be the subject of intense research and debate in cosmology, as it challenges our understanding of the fundamental nature of the cosmos. On this occasion, a new hypothesis came to change the current view of everything that exists in space. It says that this expansion is just an illusion. Below we will tell you what it is.

Is the expansion of the universe just an illusion?

The media specialized in science, Live Science, commented that the research carried out by scientists and astrologers assures that the expansion of the universe is not constant, but is accelerating over time. However, the famous cosmologist Lucas Lombriser decided to study this phenomenon from a mathematical point of view, without the need to give it an additional justification of new particles or other phenomena. development of this type.

Regarding this, he argues that the effects interpreted as a supposed expansion are the evolution of the masses of particles, such as protons, neutrons and others. It is from this thought that it has been suggested that the expansion of the universe is just an illusion.

Although the subject is on the table, there are countless objects in space that still leave many doubts in the field of science, such as dark matter, black holes and other interesting phenomena for the eyes of people.

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