Israel kills Khalid Mansour, another senior Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza: “We neutralized the entire military leadership”

Israel kills Khalid Mansour, another senior Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza: "We neutralized the entire military leadership"

Khaled Mansoor, Credits: Twitter @guyelster
Khaled Mansoor, Credits: Twitter @guyelster

Following a coup against the commander of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group in northern Gaza, Israel Defense Force He shot his counterpart in the south, Khalid Mansoor,

According to military officials, the operation was carried out Gaza Strip Saturday night. Khalid Mansour was killed in an Israeli airstrike in the Palestinian city of Rafa.

This was the southern Gaza equivalent of Taisir Al Yabri, The commander of the terrorist group in northern Gaza, who was killed in an Israeli airstrike last Friday.

death of Yabari This was the first attack of Operation Dawn. Islamic Jihad has fired 400 rockets at Israel. According to IDF estimates

Major General Oded Basiuk, the head of the Directorate of Army Operations, said thatAccording to “all available information”, Israel had killed the entire leadership of the group.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid said the goal of the operation was “to eliminate a tangible threat against the country’s citizens”.

This organization attempted to carry out a deadly attack against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers by launching anti-tank guided missiles, aimed at killing civilians and soldiers. [que pretendía] Carry out this attack,” he said, referring to the deaths of Jabri and Mansoor.

According to military officials, Mansour was also responsible for several rocket attacks on Israel, reports the Times of Israel.

In addition, the Israeli military has arrested at least 20 suspected members of the terrorist organization during a wave of night raids in the West Bank. who with his new bombing campaign GazaThe so-called ‘dawn’ operation, in which at least eleven people, including a senior officer of the organization, have been killed, and 80 have been injured.

Born to a student group in Egypt in the late 1970s, Palestinian Islamic Jihad – which attacks Israel from the Gaza Strip – is currently one of the most important armed movements in the region and is sponsored by Iran.

The terrorist group that attacked Israel is financed by the Iranian regime

Inspired by the Islamic Revolution in Iran, two young Ghazans, Fati Abd al-Shikiqi and Abd al-Aziz Awda, germinated the idea of ​​Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) while studying in Egypt in 1979.

Two years later, already in Gaza, he founded his movement aimed at achieving a sovereign and Islamic Palestinian state, which includes today Israel and Palestine, exclusively through military means. Thus, in 1984, he launched his attacks against the Jewish state, and since then he has claimed several attacks through his armed wing, the Al Quds Brigades – including suicide bombings.

Israel, which the United States, Australia, the European Union and others consider the YIP a terrorist group, believes the organization’s objective is the “destruction” of its state.

According to the Israeli military, the YIP “killed and wounded hundreds of Israelis” with Iranian funding and military training, considered an existential threat by the Jewish state. “Iran’s satellites are across the region: in Lebanon, Syria, Sinai, Yemen, Iraq and Gaza,” former Israeli air force commander Zvika Hamovich said in a meeting with reporters today.

For the Israel Defense Forces, Islamic Jihad is “one of Iran’s main and most radical satellites”, And if he didn’t have that support, “it would be really irrelevant.”

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