Thursday, September 28, 2023

It is obvious that Biden is suffering from severe mental decline

For LA RAZÓN, expert David Kopel from the University of Denver analyzes the impeachment proceedings against Biden, his and Trump’s unpopularity, and the US President’s failings.

What are the chances of this impeachment proceeding against Biden?

The chances of Biden being impeached are very slim. Impeachment requires two steps: First, a majority of the House of Representatives must vote in favor of the articles of impeachment. The Senate then conducts a trial. The person will only be convicted by the Senate if two-thirds of senators vote to convict. Although impeachment is possible in the House of Representatives with a single-party majority, conviction in the Senate is typically impossible unless there is bipartisan support. Currently, the Senate is almost evenly divided by party. The last time one party held at least two-thirds of the seats in the Senate was 1966. Therefore, Biden could only be convicted by the Senate if at least 18 Democratic senators or Democratic-supporting independents voted to convict. Republican President Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 when it became clear that the majority of members of his party would vote for impeachment and conviction. So far this year, all Democratic representatives and senators continue to support Biden, despite ample and mounting evidence of his financial corruption.

Can Democrats prevent any possibility of impeachment?

Not now. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has launched an “impeachment inquiry.” Therefore, the House Oversight and Accountability Committee will launch a formal investigation. The minority party in the House of Representatives (the Democrats) cannot prevent a committee from conducting an investigation. Once the Oversight Committee drafts articles of impeachment and votes for these articles, the full House of Representatives could vote on them. Impeachment, but only if President McCarthy decides to hold a vote. It’s a very long road from a mere committee inquiry to a vote in the full House of Representatives.

Could Republicans have a better chance of winning the next election if Biden is impeached?

If Biden were impeached by the House and then convicted by the Senate, Democrats would benefit in 2024. Since Biden would not be eligible for president, the Democrats would nominate someone else. Presumably the Democrats would choose a candidate who was not semi-senile; This means that the alternative candidate would not suffer from Biden’s greatest weakness.

If Trump and Biden run for the White House again, could Republicans have an advantage due to Biden’s age or recent health issues/failures?

If the election were to take place today, a choice between Trump and Biden would be very close, because both are very unpopular. For both, the share of Americans with an “unfavorable” opinion is 15 to 20 percent higher than the share with a “favorable” one. ” Opinion. Trump has many weaknesses, such as his attempt to steal the 2020 election and his Covid lockdowns. It is obvious that Biden is suffering from severe mental decline. If she ever resigns, Kamala Harris would become president. The public opinion of them is as negative as the public opinion of Biden and Trump, who has proven himself to be the stupidest and most incoherent person to ever serve as Vice President of the United States.

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