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It is possible to stop the conservative wave

I think many of us breathed a sigh of relief after learning about the results of the US elections. After the summing up of rightists, all highly radical, took over the government in Italy, Lula’s victory in Brazil and The result achieved by the US Democrats, even though they have lost their majority in the House of Representatives, has been a salve. It shows that the growth of the far right can be stopped.

Obviously, each country has its own particularities, but there is a common denominator: right-wing radicalism with similar objectives, similar ideology, and similar tactics. It is a universal trend that the Spanish right does not escape: Isabel Diaz Ayuso, far-right leader, whose use of democracy, lies, denial and refusal to accept election results makes her a worthy disciple of Trump and Bolsonaro. ,

The main problem with the Popular Party’s drift is not that it lowers taxes on the rich, that it is unable to propose an alternative project of government or that it bets on strengthening private health to the detriment of the public. Beware, famous public-private cooperation hinges on who controls the process, and the more weight private sanitation companies gain, the more ability they have to impose their terms on governments—the main problem is, as that in the cases of the former presidents of America and Brazil, that the policy of the President of Madrid questions democracy, encourages coups and social conflicts: if the government is illegitimate and wants to turn Spain into a dictatorship, there is no way to stop it Either method is legal; If you accuse doctors of being lazy and boycotting healthcare, you are inciting violence against them.

In the US, the Democratic Party has not resorted to tall promises to counter its extreme right, instead focusing its campaign on the need to protect democracy and recover abortion rights, which are held by Republican majorities in many states. with is limited. The mobilization of women to defend their rights and of young people – weary of bipartisanship but concerned about specific issues like democracy or climate change – has been key to the election outcome. President Biden has congratulated Republicans on their victory in the lower house in an apparent effort to bridge the significant gap created by Trumpism in American society.

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In Brazil, Lula has defeated Bolsonaro, but the president-elect is aware of his limitations, the political compromises needed to form the coalition he leads, the composition of Congress, and the social polarization—larger or less so than in the US. Big. – They will greatly limit your ability to maneuver. Its priorities are the defense of democracy, the fight against poverty and bridging the social gap. I am sure that he will go to other areas as far as possible, but he has already warned his followers that he will not be able to develop the program of the Workers’ Party.

In Italy, the centre-left was unable to reach an electoral agreement, handing its victory on a platter to the right-wing coalition. We will see what the results are.

Winning the right electorally is possible, but it will not be easy. To do so, it will be necessary to display a great deal of political intelligence, pragmatism and generosity. The examples of the three countries cited serve to reflect us to approach the complexity of processes in conditions of great polarization, with more interest in resorting to all possible fears and apparitions than in presenting a project to the country Should do Perhaps because his project is essentially to weaken the welfare state, widen inequalities and undermine democracy, restrict rights and freedoms (except for a few, like beer when and how you feel it) in the middle of a pandemic. , without the restrictions of creation/destruction). of any kind). type or dismiss workers without proper reason).

In Spain, the next elections, especially the general elections, will also be held in an atmosphere of great confrontation and at stake will be, among other things, the quality of our democracy and the welfare state. But to protect them, as in fighting against inequality or climate change, solemn declarations, bombastic slogans or lofty principles far removed from citizens’ concerns are necessary. To tip the balance in favor of progress, to offer alternatives to the main problems and, above all, to be honest with citizens, to treat them as adults, to approach them with empathy, to listen to them … and to persuade It is sufficient to be committed for the reasons for any violation of the program.

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Beyond that, everything indicates that the result will be tight. Most likely, the governments will be coalitions and, in the case of the Left, given its regional fragmentation, with multiple parliamentary agreements. There are so many maximum schedules in this scenario, government action will be conditioned by the agreement reached at any point in time. As is about to happen in America and Brazil and is already happening in Colombia or Chile, where their presidents, Petro and Boric, have to modify their programs depending on the correlation of forces.

In Spain, as in Italy, the electoral system penalizes vote dispersion in many cases. In smaller constituencies only two, or at most three, candidates may gain representation. It is also necessary to take into account the minimum required, 3% or 5%, to enter into the distribution of seats. If electoral strategies are not adjusted to these conditions, thousands of votes are lost. Agreements can be many, many ways of linking, from electoral alliances to agreements not to compete in certain constituencies. It is imperative to find spaces for discussion and collaboration between the various alternatives on the left and certainly avoid noise, debate through the media and disqualifications.

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