It is subject to instructions

'It is subject to instructions'

Atlético Nacional have nothing to give heads in the BetPlay Demire League. The overall balance of the money team is 2 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws, which is not encouraging at all where there are so many flaws in football.

Ahead of this defeat to the two-time champions of the Americas, John Bodmer mentioned the concerns he saw with the team, according to Atanasio Girardot’s poor tactical performance during the 90 minutes against Millonarios.

match feelings

“I don’t go out peacefully, I want to win. I have an organization and the biggest fan base in the country. They were fine in the situation they were left in, not us. There are ways to lose and today we competed the entire game and lost. “Attitude and positioning made us better in the second half.”

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Take a step aside?

“My position is under the managers, I work honestly and we have good games and other regular games, but I leave it in their hands.”

what the team needs

“The difference between the game against Aguilas and this match is that we were fine. Obviously the result was overwhelming, it creates a positive mood and obviously creates an expectation that we are moving forward. Today we need to be smart. We had five clear goal situations, and four very risky ones, for a total of nine chances. “In football you win not by circumstances, but by goals.”

improve outlook

“From the beginning we wanted to dominate the game. Today we have achieved this only in the second half, and for me the continuity of the second half gives me hope from many perspectives. It’s a case of adjusting and finding players with the load, and finding the error and hoping to be able to build a routine team in the first 60 and 70 minutes.

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