It is the most powerful engine in the world … with one cylinder

Ducati motorcycles

It is the most powerful engine in the world … with one cylinder. We are talking about the latest addition to Ducati machines, Superquadro Mono. This engine is new, and is a 659 cc short stroke single cylinder. It has desmodromic distribution and “it is the highest performance single-cylinder road engine ever made,” says the Italian brand.

This block is derived from the 1,285 cc Superquadro. in 1299 Panigale. However, the Superquadro Mono embodies Ducati’s racing DNA in one cylinder. It has a limiter set at 10,250 rpm. If we search, we will not find any other single-cylinder engine that can achieve this speed, with the highest power in its segment. And it has 77.5 HP at 9,750 rpm.

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This power increases to 85 with the competition exhaust, and is available in a non-powered version for the A2 license. “It inherits the racing character of the Superquadro and the desmodromic system that allows it to accelerate more than anything else and to express itself in a truly exciting burst of acceleration,” said Ducati.

Thanks to these figures impressive performance was achieved. In addition, it has very interesting maintenance intervals. there the oil change every 15,000 km, and the valve clearance check every 30,000.

The brand explains that the name Superquadro comes from the diameter-stroke relationship that allows high rotation speeds to be achieved and that the Mono comes from the 1299 Panigale engine. it inherits the thermal part with the common points of the piston, the design of the combustion chamber and the desmodromic system, with large valves.

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“The Superquadro Mono, revolutionary in the field of single-cylinder engines, is about to become the heart of a new Ducati: a new motorcycle, an unprecedented combination of fun and performance, designed to elevate the level of your emotions on the track. and on the road. Ducati’s first single-cylinder road Supermotard was born with one goal: to transmit emotion, to dominate the scene,” the brand concludes.