It meets all the requirements except one


It has always had an active promotional campaign for the ‘Avatar’ saga, with a third part underway. Before the premiere of ‘Avatar: The Feeling of Water, he admitted that he was afraid that it would fail, and he was ready to close the saga with the third installment if necessary (after raising more than 2,000 million, he must have remained very calm), and now Total Film revealed that they threw out a very advanced idea for the sequel before focusing on the final project.

It is not finished working

The filmmaker points out that “I work with a group of screenwriters, and we have a lot of ideas. We tried to put them all in one box but it just didn’t fit., so at one point I said, ‘I’ll write it and see if it’s a movie.’ I did; I think it’s about 130 pages, and I think it’s a cool story.“.

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However, something is missing, and that is why it is left out:

“It’s missing one of the critical elements of the sequels, which is that it doesn’t know enough about the unexpected. It also doesn’t follow enough of the rules of ‘Avatar,’ connecting the dream world, that has a spiritual side that we cannot measure with words. It meets all the other requirements, but not that one..”

So, he decided to start from scratch, claiming reusable elements for ‘Avatar 2’ and ‘Avatar 3’. In fact, recycling has reached a point where the remaining material comes to light through another means:

“There are some great things in it. I mean, you have the Na’vi fight with arrows and arrows in zero gravity. I want to see that movie. But the overall goal of the story and the theme I had in mind was not achieved. So we turned it into a Dark Horse graphic novel. You can see the middle battle that happened between the first and the second movie.”

Well, he threw it in the trash, and then he took it back and took everything he could. We can’t blame him either, because the first installment of ‘Avatar’ is still number 1 on the list of highest-grossing films in history, and it’s always more rewarding for him to make all the money he can on the sequels rather than just letting it go. something I worked hard for.

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