It was the first car produced by Volkswagen in Puebla

Great PHOTO!  This is how they made the vocho, caribe and combi of Volkswagen Puebla

The Volkswagen de México car manufacturer has had a presence in Puebla since June 1965, when the construction of warehouses began, where some time later the first units that went to the market will be assembled.

It was October 1967 when the first Volkswagen Sedan was produced by the car manufacturer located in the yard of San Lorenzo Almecatla, at the entrance of the city of Puebla in the northwest part.

The Volkswagen Sedan type 1 is known for being a small, compact, rounded car that dominates the world market and is a symbol of Mexican identity, who baptized it Vocho.

According to information from the car manufacturer, there are two theories of the origin of the word “Vocho”.

One version says that Mexicans have a habit of contracting names, so from the Volkswagen brand, the word vocho is the result of that nickname.

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Another theory dates back to a more distant past, and began during the world wars in Europe, when the French called the Germans by the nickname “boches.” When the Volkswagen arrived in Mexico, the Mexicans, using their wisdom and affection, gave this car a nickname, ignoring the meaning of the original word.

This Sedan model or also known as the “people’s car” was produced for 36 continuous years in almost all colors such as white, navy blue, sky blue, bottle green, red, yellow and black.

There are even special editions, some changes in the trim and parts of the car, but the engine has never failed the owners, who know that it is a tough and economical car.

Sedan production at the Puebla plant lasted until July 31, 2003, making this factory one of the longest-running in the world. With a large number of one million 691 thousand 542 beetles.

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Great Photo!  This Is How They Made The Vocho, Caribe And Combi Of Volkswagen Puebla

Since 1995, World Vocho Day has been celebrated every June 22, an emblematic model that has marked many generations and which, despite its simplicity, has become a milestone in the history of world motorsports.

This is the perfect day to remember the thousands of anecdotes that families, students, businessmen, women and young people have experienced driving a Vocho, which apparently fits four passengers, but the brave people can accommodate up to twice as many.

The New Beetle model and the Beetle emerged from the same Sedan model, which was also produced in Puebla.

In addition to the Beetle, the Puebla factory also produces the Safari (Type 181), Combi (Type 2), Brasilia, Caribe (Golf A1) and others.

The most expensive car in the world is located in Puebla

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Did you know that there is the most expensive Volkswagen Sedan car in the world? It turns out that in 1960 the car manufacturer made a special edition and only five units were produced.

Of that total, four units were lost and only one was found and it is in Puebla, owned by Iconic Broker, a space dedicated to the storage and sale of exotic cars, armored vehicles and motorcycle.

This unit still has all its original parts, as well as a record of only 60 thousand kilometers, which makes it one of the most special Volkswagen cars.

The price of the said relic was given by the same German company, which, after seeing the images and after several months of investigation, assured that it has a value of 2 million euros, which corresponds to approximately 40 million Mexican pesos.