Italian Benevolent Society for Mutual Aid and Return to Roots

Italian Benevolent Society for Mutual Aid and Return to Roots

Here in 1873, due to the presence of many immigrants arriving since 1856, the need was seen to create a “sodalizio” (an ancient name for some associations that, having arisen in ancient Rome, had a limited number of members) Was. and were originally built for religious reasons), which brought together a large number of immigrants who came to live in Azul.

After carrying out a new analysis of the sociological books, we can say that we now understand the method that European countries used when sending their youth to Argentina and many other countries after 1850: they all determined that Had decided which commune they should go to, for the new people. In this regard, we can point out this as an example – that there were 300 young people from the city of Ganges who came to Azul between 1860 and 1920, and they flourished into families that still live in our beautiful city today . And there were also 400 young people who lived in the Basilicata area, they also came to Azul to work and make our Argentina great.

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We point this out because today, with great pain, we are witnessing that many of our young people are making “return” trips (to the places of their grandparents and great-great-grandparents) to the various Italian communities to which they previously belonged. Only mentioned. Generally in the south of Italy, there are cities that need the energy of youth, – which will not be located where they want -, but where Italy sends them and organizes their life, at least their stay. At the beginning and till the end of his stay. Citizenship procedures. Fortunately, we have been able to know that most of these young people, with their titles and background of Italian nationality, (grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.) manage to complete the citizenship process, and at the same moment they start working. Let’s start on different tasks, in many cases on one and two tasks. After a short time and with documents that recognize them as Italian citizens, they complete their procedures and can begin to glimpse their future in the homeland that opens its hearts and doors to them. We get emotional thinking about our grandparents who loved Azul like any other native and tried their best among our families and society.

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And at that time, Italian philanthropic societies welcomed people who sought asylum, work, and a homeland as immigrants. We imagine and read the minutes of the unit – the grand work of those leaders who, at the time of the arrival of immigrants, tried to receive them and institutionally created a regulation that would allow Italians to receive and give them the necessary Prevention in cases of disease.

With great respect to all the leaders of the unit we have mentioned.

call out

The Italian Benevolent Society of Azul of Buenos Aires invites you to join the unit’s choir. We need: sopranos, contraltos, tenors and basses.

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-Knowing the Italian language, or having knowledge of music, is not an exceptional requirement.

Consult at the headquarters of Burgos 542 or by calling 02281-424141

Also on WhatsApp 2281-517164.


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