It’s a piece, why are they inviting you?

'It's a piece, why are they inviting you?'

Mexico with ‘pieces’ world cup 2026, After the next number of meetings our country will host it world Cup which he will share USA this Canada Storyteller and commentator of aztec sports, Christian Martinoli shared his irritation at the number of games being held in the national arena.

During the debate table of ‘En Caliente’, the communicator pointed out that Mexico’s participation as host is almost zero, which is why he attacked Mexican football officials.

“It’s a small piece, why do they invite you? To throw it on you? The truth is that it is not the fault of the United States, it is the fault of Mexican soccer directors who accept anything.

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“I prefer that they give us the final. Don’t give me any matches. I prefer the final at the Azteca Stadium because it is the symbolic stadium of this World Cup,” he said.

How many games will Mexico host?

Mexico, United States and Canada will host world cup 2026 And this FIFA The official calendar of the competition has already been revealed, where it was announced mexican republic It will host 13 meetings, three more than originally planned.

On Sunday, February 4, it was announced that group stage matches would take place in Mexico, as well as direct elimination matches; Headquarters will remain the same: Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey,

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He azteca The one who becomes three-time World Cup winner will get five matches, while Akron And, finally, the house of rash, They will be defeated by four matches each.


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