“It’s important that they put the pressure on”: Political analyst explains what awaits immigrants in Houston with John Whitmire


The first thing to analyze the victory of Whitmire is that, for Rodríguez, Sheila Jackson Lee is not exactly in the details of his campaign.

“He made the mistake of thinking that with that voter base he could be mayor of Houston,” said the political analyst, who also believes Jackson Lee’s proposals are general.

Immigrants and John Whitmire: what to expect?

Edgar Rodríguez explained that Whitmire has a bipartisan coalition as the axis of his proposal, and one of his characteristics is to bet on dialogue between all voices.

“If the Latino population organizes, I have the impression that Whitmire will be forced to listen to them because that is the axis of his campaign,” said Rodríguez.

Additionally, he mentioned that Whitmire is willing to support the immigrant community with affordable housing.

“It is important for the Hispanic community to put pressure and make itself felt,” the political analyst clarified.

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A penalty vote against Sylvester Turner?

Whitmire’s victory was a punitive vote for Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Edgar Rodríguez explained.

“This vote is for another alternative to resolve the votes immediately,” Rodríguez clarified. “Houston saw problems develop over time and Turner didn’t fix them.”


Houston Texas. – John Whitmire, a 74-year-old Democrat, became the new mayor of Houston on December 9 after winning the second round of the election; Here we tell you who he is and what his career in public service has been like.


John Whitmire was born on August 13, 1949 in Hillsboro, Texas, in a family that experienced domestic abuse and changed residence several times during the childhood of the current mayor of Houston.

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As a child he learned the demands of the job, shining shoes at a local brewery in Harrisburg. In his childhood, a fire destroyed the family home and at that moment he first came into contact with the community.

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With his mother, who worked as a nurse, he moved to Houston and had the experience of watching his parents work as community servants, leading him to follow the path of public service through politics from an early age.

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John Whitmire studied Political Science at the University of Houston, at the same time he worked for the Department of Welfare of the State of Texas in the area of ​​food stamps, with this job he was able to pay for his studies.

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During his stay at the University of Houston he met Professor Richard Murray, who encouraged him to run at a very young age for a newly created district for the Texas House of Representatives.

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Whitmire built his political career between Congress and the state Senate; He served as a representative for 10 years and spent 40 years as a member of the state Senate. One of his biggest challenges is building the first Latino senatorial district in Harris County.

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The new mayor of Houston is the president of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, where he promoted the creation of the so-called Sandra Bland Law, which seeks to strengthen police training, as well as a reform to prevent the number of “picking a friend. ” for promoting diversity in the panel selection process.

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Whitmire won the mayoral runoff election on December 9 against Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

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