It’s not too late: put this rain cover on your bike or scooter, then ride in the rain; The price is 500 rupees

Rain cover for scooters and bikes: Monsoon has spread all over the country. But sometimes it rains more or less. Two-wheeler users face many problems during monsoons. Sometimes rain delays office. So many times due to rain, I get late to come home. Those with raincoats are protected from getting wet, but riding is difficult even with raincoats on. In this situation, rain and sunroof covers can be used for two wheels. This cover fits easily on motorcycles and scooters. They are also very cheap. So let’s know about this rain cover today.

Rain cover will make driving easier
Special rain covers are made to make riding bikes and scooters easier even in rain. These are also known as sunroof covers. They are completely waterproof. It is difficult to protect the feet from water, but not a single drop of water falls on the head. In a way, it covers your two-wheeler and creates a cabin. Which not only saves you from getting wet, but also makes driving a hassle-free experience.

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The cover is installed
The rain cover can be easily installed on a bike or scooter. They have transparent polythene front and back, parachute cloth roof above. It covers from the front of the car to the seats. Due to which rain water does not enter. The feet will definitely get wet in the rain. These covers can be easily removed and disassembled. The installation kit also comes with this cover. Which can be easily put on the cover by reading or understanding the picture.

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Prices start from 500 rupees
Online price of rain and sunroof cover starts from around Rs.500 The same cover can be used on bikes and scooters. You can buy it from many websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal. Apart from this, it can also be bought from the offline market. The special thing about these covers is that after rain, it also protects you from sun, dust on normal days. The life of this cover is one season. Because they are made of polythene, which deteriorates after a while.


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