It’s serious: Travis Kelce will prepare a romantic celebration for Taylor Swift for her birthday

It's serious: Travis Kelce will prepare a romantic celebration for Taylor Swift for her birthday

Written by TRENDS on 12/9/2023 · 9:37 pm

States Joined.- Everything seems to indicate that the famous and controversial American football player, Travis Kelcevery honest about his relationship with the famous and beloved pop country singer, Taylor quicklybecause it is said that they are now preparing a romantic dinner to give you a CELEBRATIONS on birthday number 34 to the translator, where they first enjoyed privately and then with friends and family.

As it turns out, last Sunday, September 24, the famous translator of songs like Lovingseen for the first time in one of the team’s games in the city Kansassupporting the defensive end with his mother in the team box, a moment from which he also showed his interest and a caring girlfriend and what is there for him, went to his Eras Tour concert in Brazil, where he went to dinner with him and his father.

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But it seems like things are going to be more and more and Kelce is currently more than in love with the creator of songs like MINEsince said by an alleged source close to the couple life and style that the athlete took some time to think of something extraordinary for next Wednesday, December 13, when Swift celebrates his 34th birthday, noting that: “he has something which is specially planned.”

According to the aforementioned source, the partner of Patrick Mahomesquarterback of the Kansas Chiefs, thought about each of the details of the celebration for several days, and currently: “He organized a very intimate romantic dinner just for the two of them and also tried to organize in a semi-surprise party with the help of some of his best friends”, thus showing his love for the singer.

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Finally, the same source says that the American singer is also doing his thing and is organizing a trip to the Midwest this weekend to watch Kelce’s game against the Buffalo Bills, next Sunday. , December 10, where they were nominated as favorites to win. and it is hoped that Taylor’s presence will give them the luck that their fans have been waiting for.

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Source: Yaqui Tribune