It’s still a leading small electric car, but its manufacturer is starting to retire it

It's still a leading small electric car, but its manufacturer is starting to retire it

Honda wanted to change the Honda e and they succeeded. His idea to launch a small electric car, with an attractive design and high-tech interior, is absolutely right. So, what happened to this model so as not to captivate the general European public? The main (and probably the biggest) problem it presents is its price., particularly high for a car of this specification. In particular, we are talking about an initial cost in Spain it is 34,200 euros something that caused its sales to continue to decline.

Across Europe, the Honda e achieved a total registration of 4,078 units in 2020, while in 2021 it reached 3,752 sales. After this, their number just decreased. As a reference, in Germany (one of the main markets of the model) its numbers fell to 677 in 2022 and only 101 in the first 10 months of 2023. In this, its profit decreased significantly to the point that the brand decided to start taking the necessary steps to say goodbye to the small electric car, starting from the aforementioned German country.

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The decrease in sales of the model caused Honda to decide to eliminate it from the catalog in Europe.

Honda says goodbye to its electric

But it’s not just the price that causes many customers to reject their purchase. According to this large BUT their own details are set, since Its electric autonomy is limited to a short 220 kilometers. for full payment. Although the current MINI Cooper SE has the same price and specifications, the positioning of the British brand makes the sales higher compared to the Japanese model. Despite this, the Honda e has a more advanced technological approach and a sportier setup thanks to its rear-wheel drive.

Today, the brand is fully focused on the commercial launch of its first fully electric SUV, the e:Ny1, thus ruling out the possibility of a future replacement for Honda e, because all the interest is in long body models with electric or hybrid mechanics. “There are no cars as big as the Honda e,” he said. Rebecca Adamson head of Honda Motor Europe a few months ago.

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The interior of the Honda e is equipped with high technology for a car of its size.

To end the useful life of the small Honda e, the brand has begun to eliminate the model from various web configurators in Europe, something that will be expanded in the coming weeks to the entire region of the Old Continent. However, in Spain, today, it is still available to configure and reserve. Currently, it is not known when he will say goodbye to our market.

To make up for the farewell to the Honda e, the brand will put the aforementioned e:Ny1 on the market for a higher price (from 52,400 euros), although it will also gain specifications and versatility. Let’s remember that this electric SUV has a 68 kWh battery, which is strong an electric motor with 204 HP and 310 Nm of maximum torque. All this gives a maximum autonomy of 412 kilometers.

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