It’s very difficult not to see myself in the 10 in the World Cup in South Africa

Rambo de León cried at the event where he announced his farewell match:

Rambo de León confirmed to DIEZ in an exclusive interview his retirement from professional soccer at the age of 44, and before that, the legendary Honduran player had a farewell game.

In the event where the match was formalized, which will take place in December 2023, the former Genova and Torino player in Italy cried at the press conference when he remembered his career as a soccer player.

Julio César de León Dailey’s farewell game will be at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa, which will be filled with famous Honduran soccer figures, as well as some foreigners like David Trezeguet or ‘Pibe’ Valderrama.

He was joined at the main table by former player Milton ‘Jocón’ Reyes and the organizer of the event, Jorge Cruz. ’10’ took the floor and said for the first time. “I hope that my example will serve the children and new generations, who will be able to do twice as much as you, because there are better materials than you have.”

“We grew up in bad situations, where we had to ask for help to go to training, and what we achieved with a little support is admirable. I want to say goodbye in the best way and say ‘I did it,'” said de León.

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“Sad yes, because we still feel hungry, but we know we are at an age where we have to teach the children what I have learned in my 26 years of career. It is a cause of happiness to know that I gave my best on the field, every applause is well deserved, and I am grateful to have played with so many glories.

“I like to train the children, I like to see them, I make them happy and live what we live as children,” he said about his new stage as a technician of the basic force in Puerto Cortés.


Rambo de León was surprised by saying that they were waiting for him in Italy to give him a farewell game, but he prioritized doing it for now in Honduras, his country, and then leaving that country in Europe.

“I want to go to Italy because I plan to take my coaching course there and people told me to play my farewell game in Reggio Calabria, there are thousands of people waiting for me to play as they say . I deserve it, I am an honorary citizen of that city, but I told them that I hope to do it here first thanks to some friends,” he stressed.

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“There are good numbers, some people come because it is important, but thank God they have respect and love for me and go to the stadium because there is a good show,” he said about the presence of numbers in world. who can do his farewell game.

Who do you see as your successor in the Honduran team? They asked ’10’. “It’s difficult, I believe that each of us as a person has our own character, we are not imitations of a person, even twins, since I was a child I said what I wanted in front of the television when I said- well to Nene Obando, Montuca Castro, Yearwood, Maradiaga, the ‘Rabbit’ Cardona, then sang the song and told my family that I would play for the national team, I was 7 years old, and that was always my dream to play. for the national team; In a white t-shirt he drew 10”.

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Then he went deeper. “Palma has a lot of quality and will show it, let it continue like this and I hope it will surpass what we have achieved and I know that with Professor Rueda it will be done, also in the case of Edwin Rodríguez, Jorge Álvarez, Si Kervin Arriaga and Deiby Flores himself, we have a good midfielder and have very good talents, what they don’t need to lose is humility and enthusiasm to play for the national team.

He admitted that it hurt him not to play in the World Cup in South Africa “Yes, it’s the worst, but it can also be the best, I went to China and became a champion there; It’s very difficult to come and not see myself with number 10 in the World Cup in South Africa, but I give everything for you (fans), the important thing is that I give it my soul and I see my flag flying. a World Cup, which is my longed for. from childhood”.