Ivan Noble’s new life: a good drinker, “gentrified” and with a dream he’ll try to fulfill a second time

Ivan Noble's new life: a good drinker,

“I thought the best job in the world was to be paid to sing until I got it,” he jokes. Ivan Noblewhat Every Saturday at midnight his grace shines on the jury gran bartenderBy Telefe, together with experts Ines de los Santos and Federico Cuoco, in dialogue CountryThe musician reflects on Anand, identifying himself as bourgeois, failing to thank the rocker without Morrone, speculating that he is writing a book in which he recounts childhood memories with his father. Recalls, who died two years earlier, and assures that he is still a boyfriend with Martina, despite being involved in a scandal that is very unrelated to the couple.

– What came to your mind when you were called to be part of the jury? gran bartender,

– It got me excited because I like to drink a lot and I would say it’s the best thing I do at the moment (laughs). Of course, from an amateurish place, and I think it’s nice to have that role on the jury, because Ines and the Fed are experts and I’m the person who comes over again and again, with the most civil view of the matter. .

Ivan Noble Shines At Gran Bartender, Saturday Midnight Telefe.  Feather
Ivan Noble shines at Gran Bartender, Saturday Midnight Telefe. FeatherAdrian Diaz (c)

Look closely at people, right?

– It seems to me, that this is from a citizen and not an expert. Almost all indulgences, including music, do not require any kind of dress. Of course there are people who know about this matter and it is great to learn from them as it is always good to incorporate the knowledge. But you enjoy them, like drinks, movies, music, literature, they are amateur, you like it or you don’t like it. I don’t know if there is an instruction manual for Anand. Sometimes there are people who approach me and say: ‘I don’t know anything about music, but it happens to me with such songs’. And for those of us who make songs, what interests us most is what happens to people who say they know nothing about music. If you’re not making music for musicians and that’s the most boring thing in the world. And I think the same thing happens with cocktails and gastronomy, but there’s a crappy thing to do while hovering over the pleasures that complicates it. I try to run away from there.

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You say that drinking is one of the best things you can do. Has a culture of good drinking been acquired over the years?

-I think so. Alcoholics know how to drink, because a good drinker is one thing and an alcoholic is another. And I have an anecdote that shows it. One day I was at a very nice bar, having a drink in the bar, and a man started getting upset, abusing me. barber, barber He asked her to finish the glass and go on very well. And this character raised his finger saying that he has money to pay and is going to live as long as he wants. And this barber He replied that the alcoholic was not allowed to drink in that bar. vary from. The most precious treasure is indulgence and as you get older, you take care of it. Enjoying drinking, like when I watch a movie, read a book or go out to sing. I’m not looking for anything else. I don’t drink to forget, which I absolutely discourage; I don’t even drink alcohol to dare, I drink when I’m happy. I never used to smoke but I listen to people who smoke cigars and talk a lot about that moment of bliss. For me, a delicious drink at the right time with the right person is a moment of ultimate bliss and I try not to let it go.

– What is coming for the second half of the year?

-I’m on tour with the album that was released at the end of last year, the art of eating without eating, composed and recorded during the toughest times of quarantine. I performed it on Broadway in March and now I’m touring the country, returning to the stage after two terrible years.

&Quot;I'M A Man With Little Discipline And Too Lazy To Even Do The Things I Love Most&Quot;Ivan Accepts The Noble
Ivan Noble admitted, “I am too disciplined and too lazy, even to do the things I love most.”Adrian Diaz (c)

-What was it like to be inspired by the pandemic?

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-I started writing this in the first months of the pandemic, when things were more ‘nightmares’ than ever, and we realized that in the time before vaccines it was not going to be entertainment for weeks in life. I was worried about my old lady who is almost 80 and not so much about me. But when it was the second wave and I learned from coworkers and contemporary friends that they were having a really bad time, on the verge of not telling it, I had a new panic. But apparently we have survived.

Can you be creative in those moments of fear and uncertainty?

Personally, it helped me, because I’m a guy with little discipline and too lazy to even do the things I love most. Continuity is hard for me. So it became easier to stay indoors, because I had my piano, guitar and pen closer than ever. And there were no distractions. It was a dynamic time, if I try to see the bright side of all this tragedy.

-A musician already thinking about the next album, the next tour, or in your case are you focused on what you do?

– I am writing, but not songs. The first approach I had was to try writing literature and it was a book of stories that was published a few years ago and it’s called like a crab, Now I am writing back and my ambition is to finish it before the end of the year. My old man, Federico, passed away two and a half years ago from a Bravo brain tumor and I am trying to write about it, creating a personal chronicle about the process, of childhood with my old man. As a trigger for memories.

– as part of a duel, perhaps, or a way of passing through …

-It is possible, but with the intention that it has some literary value. I am a guy who starts writing and doesn’t stop. Ten years from now I would like to be a writer more than a musician. This will be a new endeavor, another.

where was rocker,

– Well, it’s like the clothes one wears sometimes and sometimes not. I love rock, that’s where I come from, that was my training, but there are other things that make me curious and I do them. My music as a solo artist is much calmer than the rock records I made with Los Caballeros de la Cuama.

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-Do you still see your former bandmates?

– With the band we met again this year at a very big and very exciting event which was the day of truth, memory and justice. We played for more than 35 thousand people, in Morrone, in our payments. I would say most rocker I save it for my meetings with Caballeros, and as a solo artist, everything is more relaxed, more acoustic. The twist is gone, I’m 54 years old.

Ivan Noble, A Banned Man In Barso
Ivan Noble, a banned man in BarsoAdrian Diaz (c)

– Have you become a bourgeoisie in all these years?

-Undoubted. And who doesn’t? It depends on what we mean by gentrification. If it’s luck that I’m comfortable with what I do and like to drink rich in my favorite chair before leaving the bars until 5 a.m., yes, I’ve got a bourgeoisie. Plus, it doesn’t leather me anymore. I like life indoors. The passing of the years means that you have less and less energy, that you are less interested in things, although those that interest you are more interested in you. And the person is also losing the ability to hunt, to be amazed, to be courageous. My favorite place at the moment is my home. I like to be warm and surrounded by the people I love and drink wine and eat delicious food. If that’s gentrifying, yes, absolutely. The other would be a caricature of what happened to my life 35 years ago. I’m grateful to be 20 years old to take the Lujaneras, Sarmiento train and go or go to bed at dawn, or sleep on questionable mattresses in the rehearsal room. I appreciate it because it toughened me up, but now I’m a 54-year-old who tries to grow old in the best possible circumstances.

-You were always low-profile, but recently you were involved in the scandalous separation of Fernanda Callejon and Ricky Diotto, because they said that your girlfriend Martina was the third in the couple’s discord. How did you experience it?

– I don’t want to talk about it. This is a completely foreign thing. I have nothing to say.

-But are you still in a relationship with Martina?

-yes of course.


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