I've tried several financial apps on my iPhone, and in the end the one that has helped me the most is Spreadsheets

I've tried several financial apps on my iPhone, and in the end the one that has helped me the most is Spreadsheets

Controlling expenses on your iPhone is something you can do in a number of ways, but I’ve been sticking with M

I’m not going to put up with this nonsense: I believe it is essential to manage personal finances and keep them as up to date as possible. I know we live in a time where it’s especially hard for the younger generation, but that’s why I encourage everyone to Keep track of all day-to-day income and expenses,

For this, there are countless services and applications for iPhone, from simple expense journals to entire databases in which budgets and personal accounting plans are created. Over the years I’ve tried one of these services, but ultimately the one that’s worked best for me is Adapt to classic spreadsheets,

There are a lot of apps, but none of them do what I want

When I want to keep track of money coming and going from my bank accounts, What I want is speed above everything else, To me, a good personal accounting application should include two very obvious things:

  • A very simple way to write down what you are spending time on, which can be done from your iPhone
  • A way to show me the most data possible, that can be personalized and that gives me a good picture of my overall finances.
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Many applications know this, but their approach poses obstacles: with some I think writing down an expense involves too much time and too many touches And with others I have so many graphs and classified data that in the end I “get lost” and it is difficult for me to see a summary of everything I have done in a month.

Fed up with not finding a suitable app, I took his words to heart: “If you want it done right, do it yourself.”

Two spreadsheets: record expenses on iPhone and control finances with Mac

Beyond the billing I do as a freelancer, my system for controlling personal accounting is divided into two Numbers spreadsheets that I save to iCloud:

  • One where I write down my daily expenses, classified into three very simple categories: basic and essential, leisure and others that do not fall into any category. Its size and style are optimized so that you can open it on iPhone using shortcuts and edit it instantly. This is the one you can see in the header image.
  • Another more complex one that I open from an iPad or Mac, and where I keep a summary of all my finances for years, month by month. For obvious reasons I can’t show it, but I can show you its structure:
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It is the subtraction of two additions, nothing more. Yes, so I have tables in which I control the state of bank accounts and investment accounts on a monthly basis with some illustrative graphs.

I have no doubt that this is something an application could manage in a more attractive way, but I haven’t seen anything that’s faster than opening My Expense Numbers via shortcut and recording an expense. No matter how attractive the interface is, I don’t want to bother categorizing that expense. Entering an application and searching for the section to be able to do it.

Also, every year I always look for ways to improve that spreadsheet, modifying it to my liking. This is my system and I am already used to it, so I don’t think there is any application that will convince me. Moreover, we are talking about extremely personal data. Handing them over to a developer is not something that inspires confidence in me.

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