Ivonne Montero and Yordi Rosado did not participate in the final of Who Is The Mask?


Dientes lost the first duel to death in the ninth program of Who Is the Mask?

The semifinal of Who Is the Mask? It was lived with great emotion because, on this occasion, there were not two but three characters who said goodbye to their masks and to the competition, one step from the grand final.

Dientes, Puercoespunk, Huesos, José Ramonstruo, Jaguar, and Pastelito, the characters that remained in the competition, faced each other in three duels to the death, so the researchers had no chance to save anyone.

Jaguar vs. teeth

The first duel of the night was between Jaguar, one of the characters most loved by researchers, and Tooth, one of the funniest and most loved by the public.

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When it was time for the public to vote, Jaguar advanced to the final of Who Is The Mask?, while Dientes revealed that Paul Stanley was behind the mask.

Pastelito had to take off his mask in the semifinal of Who Is The Mask?

José Ramonstruo vs. Small cake

The second duel to the death was also close, as both characters showed complete control of the stage, and their charisma gave them many extra points.

The public voted for José Ramonstruo, so Pastelito had to say goodbye to the competition and reveal the identity of actress and singer Ivonne Montero.

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Porkpunk vs. bones

Puercoespunk and Huesos face each other in the final duel to the death of the night, with explosive musical numbers and a decision of no return.

After their presentations, the public voted for their favorite character and chose Puercoespunk, so Huesos left the competition and had to remove his mask, according to Yordi Rosado.

Huesos said goodbye to the competition, Who Is the Mask? with a big smile

Next Sunday, December 17, you won’t miss the grand finale of Who Is The Mask? at 8:30 p.m. in Las Estrellas, where Jaguar, José Ramonstruo, and Puercoespunk will take the stage for the last time and receive the public vote to discover the winner of the fifth season.

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