James Gunn is Person of the Year


The director and screenwriter was declared “Person of the Year” by PETA. With this, the animal protection organization recognizes their commitment to animal welfare.

James Gunn (57) was chosen as “Person of the Year” by the animal protection organization PETA. The filmmaker is committed to animals and their welfare in all areas of his life, according to the statement. He follows stars such as James Cromwell (83), Billie Eilish (21) and Oprah Winfrey (69), as reported by “The Hollywood Reporter”.

He has a fascination with the animal world

The Marvel director is known for his penchant for giving roles to animals in his films. In the third installment of the “Guradians of the Galaxy” series, Gunn thoughtfully drew attention to the issue of animal testing by telling the story of Rocket the raccoon. PETA President Ingrid Newkirk was inspired: “By telling the story of millions of vulnerable animals abused in experiments, James Gunn has shown that he is a true animal rights activist. ” He continued: “PETA is pleased to honor him for promoting exactly what the world needs: empathy for all living things.”

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Gunn has his own pets

He is also a true animal lover in his private life, which he often shows on Instagram. The filmmaker is the proud owner of two dogs and a cat. He shares his best moments with his followers and the Hollywood star has a clear message to them: “Adopt pets instead of buying them!”

James Gunn is a screenwriter, director and film producer. He has been married to actress Jennifer Holland (36) since 2022. In the same year, the 57-year-old also developed professionally and took over the management of DC Studios with Peter Safran (58).