Jannik Sinner has an option to become No. 1 in the ATP rankings

Jannik Sinner has an option to become No. 1 in the ATP rankings

Jannik Sinner’s assured emergence makes him a strong candidate to join the historic list of players who have stepped up to No. 1 in the ATP rankings. He is still far behind Novak Djokovic, but the gap may narrow in the coming months. We are deeply heartbroken when we see Italians at the top of the world rankings.

absolute leader of atp ranking He’s someone who doesn’t have much interest in holding that position and who certainly doesn’t build his calendar around it. Novak Djokovik Weeks at the top of the list continue to be added and are approaching the 500 week mark Number 1 in ATP ranking But it’s not lonely anymore carlos alcaraz their main rival, but also Daniil Medvedev And above all, Janic Sinner, they may dream of displacing the Serbian from that position of privilege. Winning a Grand Slam is usually synonymous with a big rise in the rankings, but that is not the case for the Italian, who remains world number four. Despite this, he has come very close to the top-3 and is currently 1,545 points behind Djokovic.

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– Sinner has no mathematical chance of reaching No. 1 on the clay court tour, but he can improve his ranking

Considering that the Balkan defends only 180 points before the clay court tour and he is going to play the Indian Wells tournament, a drop in points in his locker is not expected. Djokovic will lose those 180 points in line with last year’s Dubai tournament, but he will be able to recover and extend them in California. There are serious doubts that he will compete in Miami and perhaps it depends on his result in Indian Wells. The prospects for Alcaraz and Medvedev to increase their respective accounts in the near future are very limited, as they defend 1,910 and 2,850 points respectively by the end of the second Masters 1000 of the year, giving them little room to grow.

Although it is true that due to not participating in Montpellier, Sinner will lose 250 points next week, the Italian will try in Rotterdam not only to defend the 300 points he gained as a finalist last year, but also to add 200 more to his personal account. Will try also. Something that he will be able to achieve if he becomes champion. He could reach the standings in Indian Wells and Miami if any of the top-3 finishers suffer early defeats and be able to at least equal the 960 points earned last year by way of the semi-finals in California. Is. And the final in Florida.

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– The Italian will have a great opportunity on the Dirt Tour, as long as he brings good results in Rotterdam, Indian Wells and Miami.

From all this analysis, a clear conclusion has been drawn, which is that it is mathematically impossible for Jannik Sinner to reach world No. 1 on the clay court tour, because, at most, he can add 1,990 points to his personal account. . It’s a matter of becoming champion in Rotterdam, Indian Wells and Miami, while Djokovic cannot lose more than 180 points. In any case, if he manages to carry on his good performances and get closer to the Serbian, as well as sneak into the top-3 by surpassing Medvedev and/or Alcaraz, he will have a chance to reach the top. It will be a good opportunity. atp ranking In the European spring events held on clay.

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It is a surface that has a lot of room for improvement at the San Candido event and that will hardly defend 585 points, which will allow it to add a lot if it manages to improve its performance. If we add to this the excellent results of their rivals in that section of the course last year, it is clear Janic Sinner He needs to start building during these months to reach more than acceptable condition on the clay court tour so that he can establish himself as the best player in the world.


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