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Japanese nutritionists never eat 6 foods for good health

Japan is a country that has been heavily researched by people who want to eat a healthy diet. It’s that the inhabitants of the Asian island are among the longest-lived in the world, and many attribute this to their specialized diet.

Fish, rice, seaweed and many vegetables are some of the products included in their diet and which provide a variety of benefits. While there are other foods that you rarely eat that can also affect your longevity.

Review which are the foods that Japanese-origin dietician Michiko Tomioka recommends avoiding, as they don’t have major benefits for the next years of your life.

Sausage or Viennese

According to Tomioka, these are one of the most difficult products to find, as they are easily found in various places, but the ideal is not to consume them.

For one, they contain preservatives and sodium that raise blood pressure and put your heart health at risk. The same organ is at risk due to the high percentage of saturated fats, which get deposited in the arteries and increase the chances of suffering from cardiac emergencies.

But also, by containing chemicals that extend the shelf life of food called nitrites and nitrates, these sausages are associated with a higher risk of developing cancer.

Sweet cereal

Cereals, which help a lot in making a tasty breakfast and very quickly, are not known to have a particularly rich nutritional contribution.

For the most part, they are made up of large amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates, which, over time and in excess, “cause blood pressure problems, weight gain, increased inflammation and put you at risk for diabetes,” he explained. . Nutritionist on CNBC.


When it comes to fast food, hamburgers are by default the most common choice. Chain restaurants often change ingredients so that they are not only higher in calories but also higher in salt than ingredients you can make at home.

This is why dietitians of Japanese origin avoid these types of products, as they are partly responsible for increasing the concentration of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) in addition to making you feel especially bloated and tired. .

Cream cheese

This delicious dairy, which is used to add to bread for breakfast or if you want to make a dessert, is an excellent source of vitamin A, as detailed in Healthline, but it’s also a food that which is high in fat, calories and Low in protein.

Sweet water

Sugary drinks are an easy way to increase the calories you consume throughout the day. The high sugar level of these preparations increases the chances of becoming overweight or developing type 2 diabetes, the expert explained.

She also warns that even artificially sweetened alternatives can affect your health because they “make it harder for you to concentrate and can trigger migraines.”


There’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with candy, but Tomioka urges you to choose the best option when it comes to treats.

“Dark chocolate, for example, may be rich in disease-fighting antioxidants. But an excess of sugary, cornstarch-rich confections can be harmful to the heart and brain,” he wrote for the television network.

What are your suggestions?

There are some healthier options, typical of the Japanese diet, that dietitians prefer over these traditional products.

For example, when you want a salty snack and a quick meal, opt for multigrain rice balls, with a high fiber content, and tuna or other fish, which contain lean protein and omega-3s.

In case of cravings for sweet foods, fruits are an excellent substitute rich in vitamins. While green tea-based beverages can provide the caffeine you need to replace the cola drinks you drink every day without added sugars.

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