The empress talks about her desire to move on 20 years after her stress problems

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The Empress Masako He is now 60, an age so special in Japan that it has its own name, Kanreki. This December also marks 20 years since the onset of the “adjustment disorder” that kept her away from public life during her time as princess, a problem derived from the stress of her position confirmed in the imperial household. a few months ago and on this important day, Masako didn’t want to ignore it.

In a letter sent by the imperial household agency to the Japanese press on the occasion of the empress’s 60th birthday, Masako expressed her renewed enthusiasm to “continue walking toward the future” and thanked to all who support him.

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“I feel deep gratitude for everyone who took care of me, starting with my parents, who raised me with love,” said Empress Masako, who spoke about “new feelings” and her desire to “keep trying” in the future. years to come.

His doctors also spoke on Saturday about his current state of health. In a separate statement, the team recognized the efforts made by the empress to fulfill as many official commitments as possible, but they clarified that she is still recovering and she still needs to rest, as her condition continues to get up and get well. humility.

In June, the empress accompanied the Emperor Naruhito on an official trip to Indonesia, something unusual for Masako, who since the beginning of his medical problem in December 2003 has not been able to make any of these state visits to foreign countries.

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During these twenty years, it is believed that one of the reasons for her anxiety may be due to the pressure to have a male child to inherit the Chrysanthemum throne. The emperors of Japan had a daughter in 2001, Princess Aiko, but because the imperial throne is forbidden to women, she will not inherit it but her uncle, the prince Fumihitoor his cousin, the prince Hisahito. Since then, the future of the imperial house is uncertain, because there is currently another person in the line of succession, Prince Masahito, and he is 88 years old.