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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Japan’s Nobel Prize winning physicist Masayoshi Koshiba Death who discovered neutrinos

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Death of Masayoshi Koshiba: In 2002, Japanese scientist Masatoshi Koshiba, a Japanese scientist, co-winner of the Nobel Laureate died in 2002 to prove the presence of microscopic particle neutrinos (Masatoshi Koshiba). He was 94 years old.

Koshiba, a distinguished professor at the University of Tokyo, died on Thursday in a hospital in Tokyo. The university told about this on Friday. The causes of death have not been reported. Koshiba designed a giant underground chamber to test neutrino rays emanating from the Sun.

Koshiba received the award along with two other scientists – Raymond Davis Jr. of the University of Pennsylvania and Scientific Records of Italy (Riccardo Giacconi).

Koshiba worked in a Kamiokande neutrino detector built in the middle of the hills in central Japan. He confirmed the presence of neutrinos and carried Davis’s work forward and also detected neutrinos particles emanating from supernova explosions in the universe. His discovery led to many more inventions. Takaki Kajita, a student of Koshiba, received an award in the field of physics in 2015. He discovered the mass of neutrinos in his study.

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