Jardine was afraid of the negative views of the referee and the press

Jardine was afraid of the negative views of the referee and the press

André Jardine asked the criteria for the game cards and the opinions about them in the press before the return match against León.

America’s coach, André Jardine, pointed out that he was afraid that bad refereeing could leave his team out of the quarterfinals against León, a series in which they will face the second leg at the Azteca Stadium with a score of 2-2 .

The helmsman did not doubt the level of the referees, but he questioned that the criteria for issuing cards is different in each game.

“Hold on. Because you can’t control these factors. I’m trying to focus on what we can control on what will be the tactical part, training and I’m one hundred percent focused, but a bad decision can be put everything at risk, the referees know this and are still focused on doing things well. Mistakes don’t happen because they want to. “We want them to do their job in the best possible way that is possible,” he said.

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In this sense, he considered that the emerald team should be left with at least two less players in the first half.

“In the case of Ángel Mena, I doubt it, but he is also yellow. For me, the referee can’t make a mistake because he wants to, he doesn’t want to harm and sometimes the criteria of the cards is to control the game, they are in charge of cards and that’s how I feel. It’s not like a bad arbitration for me, it’s hard, detailed and trying not to hurt. If there’s a tackle without a doubt, it’s Nico, it’s one yellow card and the loser is America. Those people who think that Henry is out of style, don’t think about Nico’s entry. The analyzes must be impartial for me, otherwise it is nothing value,” said the Brazilian helmsman.

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In the same vein, he questioned that the media only focused on a possible offside of Henry Martín, but did not talk about León’s fouls in the sports programs.

“I don’t watch a lot of programs. Many times people give their opinion of the club behind them. You have to speak as an amateur for your opinion to have value. Other commentators often hold the same opinion that America is favored. Analyzes should be unbiased for the good of football and be a cleaner opinion. Maybe with the goal of Henry (Martín) he is at the limit and what is obtained during the game should prevail. I don’t think it’s offside. They are not talking about the same intensity of cards, there is a clear second yellow card for Nico López, it is between yellow and red. Nico’s effort is clearly minimal yellow and they don’t talk about it, they prefer to talk about the goal,” he concluded.

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