Javier Milei was looking for a plan to kill the majority of the population

The piquetero Eduardo Belliboni testified that Javier Milei was looking for

The leader of Unidad Piquetera, Eduardo Bellibonic out to answer the warning of Javier Milei, who in his inauguration speech said that those who block the streets will not receive social plans.

The social leader maintains those social organizations don’t” accept social regression announced by Milei” during his inauguration speech this Sunday.

“Hopefully, the plans to kill the majority of the population that this person wants will not go well,” he emphasized in the dialogue on AM 750.

He also reiterated that they will mobilize to reject the policies of the libertarian government.

Later, in an interview with Radio con Vos, the social leader accused Milei of being a liar for saying that the cost of the crisis would be paid by the caste and in fact “the workers will pay for it.”

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“First lie. Second lie: I buy dollars. I know a lot of kids in the neighborhood because they think that 500 mangoes in their pockets will be 500 dollars. Well, it’s not like that. So A process of disillusionment with Milei has begun” he added.

Belliboni did not refrain from criticizing the description of Milei’s first speech and called it “persecution” to those who received state assistance.

“If you have social assistance, the message is “if you protest, I’ll take your plan.” It’s serious because it’s coming from a president telling someone they can’t protest, that they don’t have the right to protest. After all,e they have a misfortune. Getting social assistance seems very serious to me because it is perverse,” said the Piqueteroo leader during the interview.

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He also assured that the speech was “extortion” for maintaining that “if this is not the case, hyperinflation will come. No economist has said that there will be 15,000% inflation in Argentina. That is impossible, it is a delusion, and it has to do “a speech. But it has a meaning, it has the meaning of extortion: it’s either this or the hyper.”

“The basic thing about all this is that it should call us to reflect on the need to prepare for what comes from the workers with the organization to fight against this ‘chainsaw plan’ that is very, very negative. worker, because if things go bad for workers, things go bad for the country,” concluded Belliboni, after approving the mobilization of social organizations on December 20.

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