Jeff Bezos’ $500 million superyacht arrives in Miami, but can’t find a berth

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The superyacht of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, finally arrived in Florida, in the United States, but its enormous dimensions prevented it from docking next to other luxury ships.

The $500 million ship, called Koru, arrived in the port of Fort Lauderdale this week, but not even all the merchant’s wealth will allow it to stay close to other yachts.

Due to its large dimensions, the ship had to stay alongside the oil and cargo ships, because that’s where it found space. South Florida marinas only allow boats up to 400 feet in length.

But the enormous Koru was not alone. The superyacht travels accompanied by the Abeona, a 74-meter support vessel that houses the luxury cars of the Amazon founder, as well as his jet ski and even his helicopter. This boat is located more than 6 kilometers away, in Dania Beach.

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The ships arrived in Florida after a two-week trip from Gibraltar and then, during the summer, Bezos and his fiancee Lauren Sánchez toured the beaches of Italy and Spain.Jeff Bezos' Superyacht Measures 127 Meters.  Photo: The Grosby Group

The ship, built in the Netherlands, measures 127 meters in length and has three large masts making it the largest boat in the world.

In the bow, the boat has a wooden sculpture with the image of his girlfriend, the presenter Lauren Sánchez.

The superyacht of the founder of Amazon has a giant pool on the aft deck and other decks to relax and enjoy a charming view.

The name Koru means “new beginnings,” in honor of the new phase experienced by one of the world’s richest men.

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The $500 million yacht arrived in Florida weeks after Bezos announced he was moving from Seattle to Miami with his 53-year-old bride.