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Jeffrey Dahmer, the chilling cannibal killer who shocked the United States

The figure of 17 deaths earned Jeffrey Dahmer the terrifying nickname of “The Cannibal Of” MilwaukeeIt is that his curiosity was not only about committing murder, but, above all, in having sex with dead people, dismembering their bodies and sometimes exposing their parts as trophies. It was fun too.

dahmer He had a peculiarity that set him apart from the vast majority of serial killers studied by forensic psychologists. As he told from prison, He was not mad at his parents or society,

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fair blue eyes and a fan star wars, as a child he did not attract much attention except for one detail: his compulsion to collect dead animals. However, his father initially ignored this worrying sign. “He was dedicated to investigating what the animals were like inside, as well as how their sexuality was evolving,” he said.

Young Dahmer hunted, tortured, dissected and eventually put the animals in acid to keep their skeletons. an exercise he would later repeat with humans,

mode of operation

In high school, he attended the school newspaper and played tennis. But he was already regarded by his peers as someone “Rare” and Introvert,

Just before he turned 18, his parents got divorced. Haunted since youth by her strange fantasies of having sex with dead men, took refuge in drugs and alcohol,

That same year, in June 1978, he picked up in his car steven hicksA young man is riding a horse on the side of the road. This will be his first victim. He took her to his house, hit her on the head with an iron rod, raped her and finally killed her.

As he didn’t know what to do with the body, he disassembled it and put it in a consortium bag, which he kept in the trunk of his car to be dumped in a landfill. On the way he was stopped by the police, who questioned him about the contents of the bag. he replied that it was nonsense and they let him go,

Horrified by this close encounter with the officers, he decided to return home with the mutilated body. Some pieces he did in the basement and some in the pipe without telling anyone what he did.

His father remarried and with his new wife, he encouraged Jeffrey to enroll in college. he did, but Couldn’t maintain course because of his addictions, He also tried to enlist in the army, but was thrown out and lived with his grandmother.

After his first murder, Asphalt took refuge in Catholicism And for some time suppressed his murderous impulses. Living with his grandmother helped him stay away from crimes, although it was not enough.

Eight years later, back intoxicated, he woke up one night in a hotel room a dead man next to him, He said he was not aware that he had been murdered, but there were hand marks on the body that showed resistance.

Police inexperience and the end of jail

His determination to kill became more frequent. He committed two murders in 1988, another in 1989, four in 1990 and eight in 1991.

However, this was not his first experience with the officers. really, In 1988, Keeson was serving five years of probation for second-degree sexual assault after assaulting a synthasomphone, A 13-year-old Laotian boy who managed to escape from the killer’s apartment when he began to touch her and reported her. The police had assured the girl’s family that her assailant would be severely punished, though she was only sentenced. One year jail with temporary release,

it was during those five years assayOn May 6, 1991, Jeffrey approached a 14-year-old stranger at the Grand Avenue Mall and offered him money to take some nude photos of her in his apartment. young man called Konerak Synthsomphonefell into the trap and accepted without knowing that Dahmer He was accused of sexually assaulting his brother Keeson,

Since then, a series of excesses by the killers and negligence of the police started. At one point, Konerk managed to escape naked from his assailant’s apartment after being raped and with a hole in his head, through which Jeffrey had placed hydrochloric acid to affect his brain, a practice he regained control of. had to do. about people.

The teenager was found by two women, Sandra Smith and Nicole Childress, who called the police. but before Asphalt appeared, who claimed that Konerak was his friend and drank a lot during the weekend. Passersby were not convinced by this version, but it persuaded officers who visited the scene, perhaps guided by racist and homophobic norms.

In fact, some time later an audio surfaced in which it was heard: “Naked and drunk Asian man [risas de fondo] her cool boyfriend was returned [más risas]What happened afterwards was predictable. Thirteen minutes after the street scene, Dahmer murdered her.

Jeffrey Demar Was Being Interrogated In 1991.  (Https://
Jeffrey Demar was being interrogated in 1991. (

The next on 22 July, another man ran into the street in search of help. His name was Tracy Edwards And he was escaping from the serial killer who had handcuffed him from which he managed to get rid of. Edwards got into a police car patrolling the area and told of his incidents.

Although it had a pungent smell of alcohol, but the officials They approached the address he had given them and thus reached Dahmer’s house., After talking to him, they entered his house and found all kinds of evidence.

among other things, 83 polaroids Where the dismembered bodies of their victims were seen, human torsos dissolved in chemicals and even human flesh in the freezer, After some time he explained why he ate his victims: “It was a way of feeling like they were a part of me.”

He was caught there and Sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences i.e. 936 years in prison on 15 February 1992, Once in the cell, he dared to make some risky jokes in front of his fellow prisoners, warning them that he would bite and that he might eat them.

It was at the Columbia Correctional Institute that the “Milwaukee Cannibals” ended their days. Two prisoners—Christopher Scarver and Jesse Anderson—beaten him to death at the age of 34. only He had spent three years in prison out of the 936 years for which he was sentenced.

disturbing detail

Twenty-six years after his death, a Discovery research documentary, published by J. is calledeffrey dahmer: mind of a monster ,Jeffrey Dahmer: The Mind of a Monster), disclosed unknown facts about his life.

In the special, aired last year, an old classmate of Dahmer named mike krukali shared a group photo in a yearbook where the serial offender appears in a unique way, triggering an explanation about the story behind this image.

The Author Of 17 Murders Known As The Milwaukee Butcher, Appears In A Photo Of The School'S Yearbook &Quot;Headless&Quot;,  (Discovery Research Capture - File).
Known as the Butcher of Milwaukee, the author of 17 murders appears in a “harvested” photo of the school’s yearbook. (Discovery Research capture – file).

Kruskal shows the picture of the group and says in the documentary: “The most famous picture in our yearbook is one of Dahmer’s pranks, and here it is.” In it, almost in the center of the scene, between the rows of students, it is possible to see one of the students, who appears to have his head completely covered with a stain of black ink. It is about the young Dahmer in a haunting record from that time.

A former classmate of the offender explains what happened which relates to the prank made by Asphalt: “In our final year, they took pictures of all the groups, the games, the clubs and everything else. And Jeff Demar appeared in group photos of which he was not a member.

“Jeff Demar wasn’t in that group academically, but he got into photography, and I think that’s why the president of the Society ‘decapitated’ him, and thus the photo without being in all the yearbooks. The head was abandoned,” he explained. Her partner prom.

“When I heard that Damer had been arrested for some reason, the first thing I thought was to see the picture – continues Krukal – to the fact of looking at what is being seen from today and to know that this person , which is right in the middle and headless, the killer is Jeffrey Dahmer.

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