Jeremy kisses girlfriend Lisa Hogan for the first time in Clarkson’s Farm season 2

Jeremy kisses girlfriend Lisa Hogan for the first time in Clarkson's Farm season 2

Filming is in full swing at Jeremy Clarkson’s Didley Squat Farm in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire and will feature several popular names from series one including farm hand Caleb Cooper, Jeremy’s girlfriend Lisa, Cheerful Charlie and Gerald.

Newly released photos show the gang having fun on the farm, and Jeremy kissing Lisa.

A sneak preview photo shows the former Top Gear star locking lips while standing in a field with his 48-year-old girlfriend and Caleb awkwardly keeping his head down as he sits next to the pair packing on PDA standing.

When 61-year-old Jeremy first used Instagram to announce that series two had been turned on, he was interrupted by abuse by Caleb, who said: “You mean Caleb’s farm,” Jeremy said. Responded: “No! The whole team is back!” In which his farmhand strikes again: “Caleb’s farm.”

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Clarkson Farm’s first successful series followed an intense but hilarious year in the life of Britain’s most unpredictable farmer, Jeremy Clarkson. So the next stop is bound to bring more laughs and fun to our TV screens.

Jeremy Clarkson Kisses Girlfriend Lisa Hogan In A New Teaser Snap For The Second Series Of Clarkson'S Farm
Jeremy Clarkson kisses girlfriend Lisa Hogan in a new teaser snap for the second series of Clarkson’s Farm

The show depicts a life spanning over 12 months, but – given that Jeremy started series one without agricultural knowledge – the team must teach him everything and is often seen pointing out his mistakes.

The Grand Tour presenter handles the day-to-day running of her farm, which includes tending the livestock and tending the crops.

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His experience led him to be vocal about the lack of support for agriculture, comparing the government’s treatment of the agricultural industry as “ethnic cleansing”.

He told The Sun: “Caleb is brilliant but I worry how he will ever be able to afford his farm.

“That is now against hedge fund managers who don’t necessarily want to farm it.”

Clarkson'S Farm Series Two Will Have More Hilarious Moments Between Jeremy And Calebo
Clarkson’s Farm Series Two Will Have More Hilarious Moments Between Jeremy and Calebo

Jeremy and his team were faced with “the worst farming season in decades, disobedient animals, unresponsive crops, and an unpredictable epidemic.”

Talking about the series, Jeremy explained: “I actually thought you put the seeds in the ground, the season happens and then the food grows.

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“So I thought, ,it’s not difficult,’ But it is exceptionally difficult and the heartache is extraordinary, plus it is exceptionally badly paid. So I thought, if I can get someone to film me to do this, it will make up for some of the loss.”

The Grand Tour Star Is Yet To Confirm The Release Date For The Second Series Of His Farming Show
The Grand Tour star is yet to confirm the release date for the second series of his farming show

Jeremy Clarkson, 61, Posing With His Girlfriend Lisa Hogan, 48,
Jeremy Clarkson, 61, posing with his girlfriend Lisa Hogan, 48,

Caleb has become the star of the show and a natural in front of the camera. He told Country Living magazine: “Personally, I’d like to do more television, but only if it’s part of the agricultural side of things. I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than farming.”

There’s no release date yet for series two of Clarkson’s Farm, but keep an eye on Jeremy’s Instagram page for updates. Series One is available on Amazon Prime.

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