Jessica Bueno spoke live with Luitingo and the singer asked her an obvious question

Jessica Bueno spoke live with Luitingo and the singer asked her an obvious question

GH VIP 11/12/2023 01:06h.

Jessica Bueno and Luitingo.

Finalists must choose during ‘GH VIP’ debates in their campaign managers to face this final arrival of the program’s prize. Luitingo It was very clear to him that one of his former partners was Jessica Bueno and after choosing her he talked to her live after knowing that he no longer has a relationship with his boyfriend Pablo because of the screams he received from outside in the country.

Jessica connected live from Guadalix’s home set and Luitingo couldn’t help but smile a lot when he saw her. “Luis is a good candidate to win because he has shown great evolution, he has been beaten a lot and he has shown that he is not angry about anything. “He always continues to live in that house with a smile, kind to his friends, a good person,” are some of the words he attributed to the singer in the first statement.

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“make me cry”, Luitingo reacted to listening to Jessica and continued: “We see in you that you are a person with your qualities and your flaws, that you know how to learn from your flaws, your correct your mistakes. Always be there for your colleagues with a smile. We love you so much.”

Ion Aramendi asked the singer if he had any questions for his campaign manager. “I have thousands … but I want to ask him how he saw me, if he was happy and saw Luis that he loved and if he misses me“, some of which he launched.”I’m so proud of you, I see that you have not entered into any negativity, that you have a smile and give everything to the tests. You get the natural graces that just come out of you because nothing is forced on you,” he replied.

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Although he did not have a direct answer to the question of whether he misses her live, Belén Ro, already on the set, asked him about it and Jessica replied: “Of course I miss him, We live for 24 hours.”