Jessie Uribe clarifies how much she makes for each show

Jessie Uribe clarifies how much she makes for each show

The life of Jesse Uribe was once again trending on social networks after the interview at Desnudate Con Eva. In this place, the man from Granada spoke on different topics and about the curiosities that his fans have the most and talked about how much money he charges per concert, a moment after the meeting went viral.

“Many people believe that they are millionaires because of their success. I was able to buy a house from my father just a year ago. For example, I got separated, the pandemic came and I was left in the dirt,” the artiste said in the interview.

However, he recalled that at the beginning of his career they paid him 8 million pesos per performance, which was not entirely free due to obligations with props, collaborators and other people who accompanied him in his concerts. has worked. After deducting these costs, the artist says he was left with only one million pesos.

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In addition, Jesse Uribe took advantage of the space to refute rumors that the artist charges 50 million per show, but clarified that this rate increases in proportion to his recognition.

“People search the Internet: ‘How much does Jesse Uribe make per show?’ 130 million (pesos). The payroll is 20 million, transportation, you have to pay for equipment rental, buses, pay for things, you have to give it to Rafa,” said the man from Santendra. On his part, he Said that currently his condition is much more stable and he is able to reach his home for himself and his mother.

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And son?

Jesse Uribe also talked about his plans with his wife, artist Paola Jara, to welcome a child into the world this year. He also talked about the shortcomings of his childhood, parenting his children, and his success in Spanish-speaking countries such as Venezuela, Costa Rica, Chile, as well as the lyrics of his songs.

“I have never suffered from malice and I sing about malice,” confessed the artist, who, despite never experiencing heartbreak, always sang his songs with emotion.


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