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Monday, March 1, 2021

Jharkhand: Korwa community fed up with Christian missionaries, boycotters who convert

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In Jharkhand, the game of conversion by greed is being played by Christian missionaries, in which tribal groups are being specially targeted. In Khala village of Dhurki block in Garhwa, 2 such families have adopted Christian religion. Recently there was a meeting of Korwa Samaj, in which 3 families of the village were expelled from the society for adopting Christian religion. Along with this, financial and corporal punishment was also given.

Financial punishment of Rs 25,051 and corporal punishment of 51 sticks for taking part of any person of the community in marriage, marriage, death and other social functions in the family of religious conversion. booked up has gone.

The primitive tribes are also said to leave Hinduism and adopt Christian religion by luring, greed and greed and intimidation if it does not happen. First a family of 4 brothers was Christianized here, then the 5th is being pressurized.

The Korwa society of Jharkhand is disturbed by the events of Christian conversion. Three such families were summoned by the Panchayat. Talking about voluntarily adopting Christian religion, he also talked about its propagation. After this the Panchayat expelled him from the society.

The SDO has sent BDO to the village to investigate the matter. Sub-Divisional Officer Jayamandal Kumar he said If the matter is serious, then he himself will go. The Panchayat has instructed not to be related to families adopting Christianity.

In ‘Mann Ki Baat’, on December 28, 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned the mercury-teacher Hiraman Korwa, resident of Sinjo village in Ranka Police Station area of ​​Garhwa district of Jharkhand, who has pioneered the preservation of the culture and identity of his community. . He has also prepared a dictionary in Korwa language. Hiraman, who taught in a primary school in the village, prepared this dictionary after 12 years of hard work.

The Korwa language is now almost on the verge of extinction, so at this time it is in great need of protection and identification. Even in Garhwa, their population is only 6000. Hiraman hopes that his 50-page dictionary is in the preservation of this language Will work. He did not have the finances and resources to publish his dictionary, which is why the ‘Multi Art Association’ of Palamu pioneered it.

Hiraman also expressed happiness as Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to the work and said that the support of the central government would be helpful in preserving the culture and languages ​​of tribal groups, including Korwa. He has written definitions of the words used in his dictionary from daily life to household. After the PM’s address, many people want to read this dictionary.

Mercury-teacher Hiraman Korwa is also beset with congratulations. Let us tell you that in the Korwa language, the village rises, the ashes are burnt, the food will be eaten, the flame and the fire They say. Many such words are included in this dictionary with meanings. Since childhood, Hiraman has noted such words in his diary. He talked to the elders for this and took information. The ancestors of Korwa came from Chhattisgarh and settled in Jharkhand.

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