Jhon Arias’ numbers are exciting for the Cup final

Jhon Arias' numbers are exciting for the Cup final

The grand final of the Copa Conmebol Libertadores between Fluminense and Boca Juniors is getting closer and closer! Jhon Arias is one of the great people who will attend the Maracaná this Saturday, November 4, and his high level has excited all the Tricolor fans.

In the last victory, the Colombian winger was the key for the Cariocas to come back from the match against Goiás, which they won at home 5-3. The player scored the second and third goals of the game and achieved his second double since joining the team in mid-2021. After that, the defeats were recorded against Atlético Mineiro (2-0) and Bahia (1-0), matches where Fernando Diniz reserved many headlines thinking about the Cup final.

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Jhon Arias’ incredible numbers

With his two goals, Jhon Arias reached 9 goals this season in 52 games played between Brasileirao, the Carioca Tournament, the Brazilian Cup and the Conmebol Libertadores Cup, where he also made a 13 assists. His numbers since 2022, the year in which he assumed the starting role in Fernando Diniz’s team, have been positive indeed.

The Colombian winger is the second player with the most participation in Fluminense’s attack. Of the 102 goals scored by the team from January 2022 until now, Chocoan has participated in 24.6% of the scores. He was surpassed only by scorer Germán Cano, who participated in 40% of the goals.

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Therefore, the partnership between the Colombian and the Argentine participated in 65% of the goals. Cano and Arias have played 8,202 minutes together in 110 games. The forward scored 16 goals with help from the winger, who collected 3 goals after a pass from ’14’.

Jhon Arias, the top assistant of Fluminense

Since January 2022, Jhon Arias is the player who has made the most assists in Fluminense. The player contributed 30 assists, surpassing Paulo Henrique Ganso who is the second player with the most assists.

In the Copa Libertadores, Jhon Arias is the player with the most successful crosses in the area with 10, equaling the first place of Jovanny Campusano of Ñublense. He also had the most key passes with 15 and one of the most successful passes in the area with 21. In addition, among the finalists he had the most successful dribbles and one who created the most opportunities in scoring. .

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