Jim Jordan lost the first vote to elect the speaker of the House of Representatives

Jim Jordan lost the first vote to elect the speaker of the House of Representatives


The US House of Representatives remains without a president after lawmakers failed to reach an agreement choose your next leader in the first round of voting held on Tuesday afternoon.

Jim Jordan, the Republican majority candidate to fill the vacancy, lost the election after receiving only 200 votes in favor. The representative from Ohio needs to get 217 votes to win the presidency.

Republicans control the House by a narrow margin of 221 to 212, which would only allow Jordan to lose four Republican votes if all Democrats were present, which is the case.

The Democratic Party, for its part, nominated New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries as the choice for the speaker of the House of Representatives. Jeffries got 212 votes from his caucus, which in any case was not enough to win the position.

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Once the vote was over, the House of Representatives declared itself in recess until further notice. Now, lawmakers must hold a new round of voting to try to elect a replacement for Kevin McCarthy, who was then. removed from his position on October 4 after the motion of censure presented by members of his own party.

Jordan is willing to hold “multiple rounds if necessary” after being unsuccessful at first, in an attempt to force reluctant Republicans to align with his candidacy. In January, McCarthy had to endure 15 rounds of voting before winning the presidency of the Lower House.

The House Republican conference chose Jordan as the candidate on Friday, after its first choice, Steve Scalise, withdraw from the race after facing opposition within his own party.

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Jordan lost 20 votes from his coreligionists, including those six representatives who voted for McCarthy.

The former House speaker, for his part, voted for Jordan amid a wave of applause from his fellow supporters. Scalise also voted for Jordan, but he himself received seven yes votes from other party members.

For now, the House remains leaderless and paralyzed, leaving Congress unable to address the wars in the Gaza Strip and Ukraine, with just one month left before the US government faces another deadline for in its partial shutdown. .

It is unclear how many of Jordan’s Republican opponents will hold their own in the upcoming votes.

If Jordan, a conservative who has clashed with leaders in his own party for years, prevails, he could end up with one of the most powerful jobs in Washington, putting him second in line for the presidency, behind the vice president. president

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“He is a patriot, an ‘America First’ warrior who wins the toughest fights,” said Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik to nominate Jordan for House speaker.

Jordan, moreover, became a loyal follower of former president Donald Trump who expressed his support for the representative who will be the president of the Lower House.

Democrats have shown opposition to Jordan’s candidacy, describing him as an extremist who will take orders from Trump.

Democratic Rep. Pete Aguilar said on the House floor that Jordan’s election will show America’s enemies that “the same people who seek to undermine democracy are rewarded with positions of great power. We are talking about a man who passed his whole career trying to stop our country.