Jimmy Kimmel mocks claim ‘depressed’ Trump stopped eating after January 6

Kimmel joked that the

Jimmy Kimmel joked about Donald Trump’s “insurrection depression” and suggested that his son was actually behind any negative feelings after the riots at the Capitol.

on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Wednesday, Mr Kimmel referenced recent claims that Mr Trump was “depressed” to the point that he stopped eating after the attacks on January 6.

Former US representative Liz Cheney made the claim in her upcoming book Oath and Honor says that’s what House colleague Kevin McCarthy told him after he visited Mr Trump at Mar-a-Lago three weeks after the insurrection.

Mr Kimmel was more amused by the account of the man Ms Cheney called “Orange Jesus” – joking that Mr Trump went through his own version of the grief stages after his loss to President Joe Biden.

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“First there is denial, then anger, depression, anger, denial, anger, denial, denial, denial, anger, anger, anger, denial and finally insurrection,” Mr Kimmel said.

Then he repeated McCarthy’s alleged quote from Ms Cheney’s book: “They were really worried. Trump didn’t eat, so they asked me to see him.

“Well, now, I don’t believe it,” the comedian grinned in response.

Instead, he floated the idea that Mr Trump had fallen for another reason – his son’s birthday.

“January 6 is also the day Eric (Trump) was born. Maybe why didn’t he eat?” he joked.

The adult son of Mr Trump was born on 6 January 1984, and carries the responsibility of being a trustee and executive vice president of his father’s business, the Trump Organization.

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Even then, Mr Kimmel joked about Eric Trump trying hard for his father, despite receiving little praise from him.

When Eric Trump and his brother Donald Trump Jr appeared for their testimony in court in the civil fraud trial earlier this month, the former president was not there to watch over his children.

“Their father is not there to make his children happy. Donald Trump not showing up to watch his kids testify in a fraud trial is the Trump family’s version of not showing up for their school play,” Mr Kimmel said in a previous episode.

Mr Kimmel joked on another show that “Trump is going to admit he’s never met one of them” after his two sons testified.

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