Joana Sanz returns to the network and explodes after her statement in the lawsuit against Dani Alves

Joana Sanz returns to the network and explodes after her statement in the lawsuit against Dani Alves

Joanna Sanz’s story

Much has been said about the words of joanna sanz In front of the judge. The footballer’s wife testified on Tuesday and described what happened that night, claiming that Alves had gone out “with some friends”. The model answered questions from the prosecutor in the case, indicating that he barely spoke to her that night, but that she came home “very drunk” this “Smells of alcohol.”

Joana Sanz appeared before the Court of Section 21 of the Barcelona Court as a witness. The player’s wife described what happened hours after the incident, saying that she was unaware of it, as she found out about it through the press. Sanz reported that that day, Alves went to have dinner at the Clinic Tavern and returned. “After 4 in the morning.”

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,He comes home very drunk, smells of alcohol, When he entered the room, he hit the closet and a small table on the right and fell on the bed,” said Dani Alves’ wife. Joana also highlighted that when the footballer told her that it was ” It was “boys night” so he didn’t get angry: “That’s a lie”. ,On WhatsApp I asked him if he was coming to dinner and he said no. Later I don’t remember. The last WhatsApp was at around 11 pm», he told before the court. Furthermore, when asked whether she had talked to him when he came home, he denied this: “It was not appropriate to talk to him when he came, it was better to leave it for the next day.”

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The following day, Joana Sanz highlighted that Alves «woke up very late» And he told her that “he was with his friends at the Clinic Tavern”. Finally, he responded to a question about whether he had requested a divorce from the player: “I have not legally requested a divorce.”


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