Joaquin Phoenix’s attitude that drove Ridley Scott crazy in ‘Napoleon’

Joaquin Phoenix's attitude that drove Ridley Scott crazy in 'Napoleon'

‘Napoleon’ the director’s reinterpretation Ridley Scott (85) and screenwriter David Scarpa (‘All the money in the world’) about the French military leader, will be in Spanish cinemas this Friday, November 24, three years after the project starring Joaquin Phoenix ( 49) and made by Apple (worth 200. million dollars), which also released this year the latest feature film of another famous director in history, ‘The Moon Killers’, by Martin Scorsese (another 200 million dollars).

In 2024 it will be the turn of one of the greats, Francis Ford Coppola, to return with ‘Megalopolis’; also maybe for the 4 hour version of ‘Napoleon‘ What Ridley Scott announced for the Apple TV + platform. The commercial version that arrives this Friday the 24th in cinemas lasts two and a half hours in an ‘effort’ of the director, a pioneer in releasing multiple cuts of the same film since ‘Blade Runner’ , so as not to burden the staff of. the seats.

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‘Napoleon’ –one of the big failed projects of Stanley Kubrick– does not arrive in theaters without controversy. Ridley Scott himself recently responded to a critical historian of inaccuracies in his 28th film, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby (‘The Crown’) as Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Josefina (name, by the way, of the director’s dog). “Get a life” was the director’s first and elegant answer; The second response consists of blasphemy and orders the most critical to be silenced.

It wasn’t the first time that Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix had collaborated on a film; 23 years ago they released ‘Gladiator’. This time, the British filmmaker had to change the script to ‘Napoleon‘ before the “powerful” performance of Joaquin Phoenix whose first Oscar nomination came for precision ‘Gladiator’, like Emperor Commodus, and won in 2020 for ‘Joker’, another kind of reinterpretation (this time of a mythical comic character). To play Napoleon Bonaparte, the filmmaker had to put a hat on the actor: he had the nose and eyes of a French soldier. Phoenix is ​​one of only two performers the director has in mind.

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The ‘decorum’ of the director of ‘Napoleon’ with its main star does not mean that the filming of only three months, including the Battle of Austerlitz, is 62 days of wine and roses… Because if there is something that ‘haters’ Joaquin Phoenix rehearsing (in ‘Joker’ he improvised more than one and more than two scenes), making people angry every day. Ridley Scott precisely a big fan of the American’s performance as Batman’s nemesis.