Job Opportunities at Directorate of Public Education at Salaries Up to $2 Million: Know How to Apply

Oportunidades Laborales en la Dirección de Educación Pública con sueldos de hasta $2 millones: Conoce cómo postular

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) reported an unemployment rate of 8.5% in the last quarter of 2023, presenting job opportunities in the public sector.

Opportunities in Ministry of Education

The Directorate of Public Education, a major institution at the state level, presents two job calls valid at the end of this publication, specifically for Santiago, with gross salaries ranging between $1,500,000 to more than $2 million.

Job Offer Details

  1. Planning and Management Control Professional – $1,510,997 The vacancy corresponding to the Department of Educational Infrastructure and Equipment, is a contract position. Remuneration is as per the professional status of 14th class of EUS. The purpose of the position is to analyze and review Department information, proposals and initiatives to contribute to the timely application of monitoring and measurement of progress, milestones, plans and programmes. ,
  2. Consultant or Regional Consultant for Higher Education Public Management – $2,017,400 The role involves the administration and management of the recruitment and selection processes of senior public managers across the education portfolio. Supervision of insolvency procedures, technical advice to senior public management system actors and guidance according to defined guidelines, are key responsibilities.
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How to apply?

To participate in these calls, interested parties must access the official website of the Directorate of Public Education, register their profile and follow the instructions detailed in each offer.

This call for employment represents an opportunity for people looking for new job options in the public sector, thus contributing to reducing the unemployment rate in the country.