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Joe Biden, ‘The Big Guy’, & Family Values

Joe Biden the Big Guy, in anthropological terms, the Big Man of the Biden family, lends his family a sense of protection and a lot of patronage.

The family, rather than any individual, is the best prism through which to view the entire enterprise. Biden’s “brand” is the business, and the Bidens, as such, are the beneficiaries.

Foreign entities sent $24 million sloshing around Biden accounts, including nearly two dozen shell companies, between 2014 and 2019.

A big one Wall Street Journal The report expands on how Joe Biden’s power and influence is often used by his family members seeking new business, not just the most famous foreign deals. Joe Biden’s brother, James, often uses this as a crutch to pull new business.

The promises of the Biden name creating wealth — and providing legal protection — are so direct that some parties to these deals think the securities create actionable claims when business magic doesn’t exist. finish.

“Sometimes,” the Journal wrote, “Business partners were ultimately disappointed when Biden’s name failed to open access or markets, leaving a trail of legal proceedings and paperwork outlining the grievances of the angry who were former business partners.”

The profits of the Bidens, who made money even when their promises were not fulfilled, were widely dispersed. Representative James Comer established that nine members of the Biden family received payments from foreign deals, including a grandson.

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It is telling, and in fact in some ways all you need to know, that the payments from the Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu went, as the New York Post noted, “on accounts identified only by the name ‘Biden.’” The same is true of the payment from CEFC China Energy.

How is it possible that, even if Joe Biden maintains his initial denials, he knows nothing about all these dealings involving HIS family?

It’s one thing to know if family members are estranged from each other, but the Bidens are, by all accounts, tight-knit; James Biden and Hunter Biden, for example, call themselves best friends.

And it’s not like Joe Biden’s drug-addicted son is alone, making wild deals that no one in the family is involved with or approves of. He is in league with Joe’s brother who is not a drug addict.

You can also understand, in theory, a natural human reflex to try to look away from the Hunter Biden train wreck and know as little as possible. But why away from Jimmy?

In fact, there’s a lot of focus on Hunter, with his extravagant lifestyle and wealth of a laptop. But James Biden should not be forgotten. He did, and his consulting firm reportedly got 20 transfers from CEFC worth nearly $1.4 million.

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That Joe Biden knows it’s not a bad idea it’s strange that he dares to try to get away with it, but a submissive press has kept him going for a long time. Today, the pattern has shifted from “Does he know?” to “Did he benefit directly?”

Let’s assume that we have learned nothing else; the answer is still, “Yes, of course, he benefits.”

Most fathers and grandfathers, when they think something is going to happen to them, worry about whether their families will “be taken care of.” Various foreign patrons and business partners of Hunter and James contributed to the achievement of this important goal for Joe, and no one had to bother doing a lot of work.

Look at it another way. Does the average father want the widow of his beloved dead son to be more financially comfortable or less? Well, Hallie Biden got cuts from Popoviciu and CEFC bounties.

Or, put another way, does the average father worry about how his ne’er-do-well son will cope? (One of the first questions you’d think any concerned father would ask is, How does he make a living?)

Well, all this and more is caught up in the family’s influence peddling business.

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Imagine if someone came to you (and you have no ethics) and said, “You can’t pay me because that would create all kinds of problems, but I can give your family money.” Would you say, “Nah – no thanks”?

Finally, aside from any potential direct transfer of money to Joe Biden, there is the greater psychological benefit that most people feel about being the big guy which is the way for the rest of the family to get by quickly. that money.

We have other clues as to how similar it all is. As we know, the wires to Hunter Biden for over a quarter-million dollars in Chinese money list his father’s home as the beneficiary address.

Hunter complained at one point of having to support the family financially for years.

On the other hand, when Hunter ran out of money in late 2018 and needed help making various payments and wanted to live with his father, James Biden assured him: “It can work, it has to.” you a safe harbor. I can work with you (sic) father alone!!”

Everyone is in it together. It’s a family business, like the neighborhood sandwich shop – or the mob-connected cement business.

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