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Joe Biden’s power at stake again in Georgia

12/06/2022 at 08:52


A second election round, which will determine the last seat in contention, could strengthen Democratic control of the Senate.

It is only one seat. It will not change the division of power in Washington, which Americans ruled out in previous midterm elections, in which they returned control of the House to Republicans and let Democrats keep the Upper House. anyway, second round this tuesday in georgia among Democrat Raphael Warnock And this Republican Herschel Valcker for that The decision on the last seat in the Senate is yet to be made. passed cascading effect For President Joe Biden and both parties. And the nation’s eyes have turned again to the southern state, on campaign funds and efforts.

Democrats and Republicans haven’t stopped repeating over the past four weeks that this is not the same 51-49, distribution that would remain in the Senate if Warnock renewed his seat, which 50-50, The composition that would remain if Walker prevailed. This final scenario would mimic the previous two years, in which Vice President Kamala Harris casts her vote As President of the Senate, he has served from a minimum majority to a majority. and it may sound like a triviality, but results and effects her numerically minimal change Explain the request on message.

Committees and appointments

at 51-49, Democrats would have majority and committee chairs of the Senate. apart from giving more budget to their employees, which will allow them issue summons alone From the committees that have that authority such as Intelligence, Armed Services and Foreign Relations. And above all, Would take away Republicans’ ability to slow down the legislative and nominating processes Biden’s for the judiciary or senior executive positions that he has held for the past two years.

More than two dozen times in that time, Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader in the Upper House, has been forced to submit to a full vote to nominate or move forward with bills. And starting with Republicans in control of the lower house in January, there is little hope that legislation will move through the next two years to advance Biden’s agenda, at least Democrats will be able to accelerate appointments.

against future insurance and moderates

51-49 too Will lose weight to moderate Democratic senators Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema, who have been Stone in Biden’s shoe Ever since he came to the Oval Office. They were the ones who nearly derailed his aggressive social and environmental spending plan, forcing it to end as a very watery version What did the President want? They have also stopped any attempt to end it piracy, And this week Manchin joined Republicans in rejecting a proposal that would have given railroad workers seven days of paid sick leave (which Biden unquestioningly helped push through Congress to stop the strike and enforce a labor settlement). achieved success).

A victory in Georgia would improve, even slightly, the Democrats’ presidential election prospects 2024when is played on 23 seats in the Senate, including two in very conservative states, vs. 10 that Republicans have to defend, And 51-49 could last for the next two years as an insurance policy if one of the senior senators, many of whom are from states where a Republican governor can nominate his replacement or where an election is to be held, retires or dies. . Elect to change them.

If they win the 51st senator, Democrats can speed up nominations, issue subpoenas, reduce the influence of independent moderates, and free Kamala Harris.

Furthermore, a democratic victory would also have consequences Harriswhat would it look like free After spending two years being forced to stay close to Washington to cast the final vote, something he had to do 26 times, twice as many as Mike Pence during his four years in the vice presidency.

an intense duel

All of these calculations help explain the intense campaigning over the past four weeks in Georgia, where a second round was forced in November when no candidate reached 50%. according to public opinion warnockhonor in the same church where he served Martin Luther King And even in the second round of a special election chosen in 2021, it appears light favorite,

However, nothing is taken for granted, especially since conflict is difficult As would be expected with a controversial opponent in the form of Herschel Walker. former American football player, endorsed by Donald Trump has been peppered with many scandals: You have lied or exaggerated about your education, your occupation, your charitable giving, and your alleged work for law enforcement agencies. He has admitted erratic and violent behaviour, his ex-wife alleged assault and although they have campaigned against abortion He has been selected by two women to urge (and even pay for) the termination of their pregnancies. And this has been further indicated in recent weeks when it was revealed that he requested a tax exemption for his home in Texas, saying it was his first residence, something that would prevent him from representing Georgia. Will disqualify

“Don’t Let Your Guard Down”

In this second round of campaign, he has also added many astounded for his speech. And it sent a scathing nod to the former president on Thursday Barack Obama, still the heaviest weight for Democrats to mobilize the black and independent vote, returned to the state to campaign with Warnock, as he had done the prior November. “Since the last time I was here, Walker has been talking about issues that are very important to the people of Georgia, such as Is it better to be a vampire or a werewolf?, It is a debate I must confess that I once, when I was seven years old; Then I grew up,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, he can be whatever he wants except US senator. It would have been ridiculous if I had not been a candidate.,

Obama called for “not to lower our guard” in any case. And it’s that Walker may be the worst candidate the Republicans have put on the ballot this year, and he’s seeing support leaking out even on Christian and conservative radio stations, but he has a chance.

In November he took 70% of the white vote. with him agree with the trump team that former presidents and Republican presidential nominees for 2024, who were in the legislatures Toxic effect on many careersit lasts away in this second round, And although Walker was the only one who failed in Georgia in November, while eight other Republicans such as Governor Brian Kemp or the Secretary of State won, demonstrating the disapproval he generated even among conservative voters, he has now succeeded. There is a whole mechanism behind his candidature,

Kemp, who stayed away from Walker in the November campaign, Powerful organization and mobilization machinery, with 200 staffers to be added to the 400 sent by the Republican National Committee. Kemp has asked to vote for Walker this time, something that may persuade the 200,000 people who voted for him in November but not for a Senate candidate.

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