Joel Embiid: The 65-game rule that could leave the Sixers star without an MVP

Joel Embiid: The 65-game rule that could leave the Sixers star without an MVP

65 parties. This is the minimum number which NBA From this year onwards players are required to qualify for end of season awards. joel embiid the current mvp He may lose his chances of retaining the title due to his injuries. Jimmy Butler or Tyrese Haliburton They are already in a difficult situation. For some of them, there is a possibility of being left off the list. Economic losses are estimated at more than $40 million.

Due to the rule introduced by the NBA this season dispute between players, For health reasons, energy management and injury prevention, but also for economic reasons Winning MVP, Defender of the Year awards or being part of the ‘All NBA’ team grants access to contracts with significantly more advantageous terms.

Joel Embiid will need to recover quickly if he plans to remain in the MVP race.

Joel Embiid, on limit for 65 NBA games due to new rule

Embiid, the Philadelphia 76ers center and NBA MVP, is suffering left knee meniscus injury Something that could eliminate him from the fight to retain the Best Player of the Season award.

Embiid will be out for a few days And according to the ‘ESPN’ network this Thursday, the 76ers medical staff will decide the recovery plan.

The center was injured in a game lost by the 76ers at the Golden State Warriors field last Tuesday, when Jonathan Kuminga fell on his foot, causing a dangerous extension of his knee.

Embiid has already missed thirteen games this season and if he misses 17 games, he will not be eligible for the NBA’s year-end awards, including MVP.

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Embiid is the NBA’s leading scorer with an average of 35.3 points per game

Jaylen Brown, the richest contract in NBA history

jaylen brown of Boston Celtics almost had access to a contract last summer $305 million in five years, the richest in NBA history For being part of the ‘All NBA’ second team last year.

Jaylen Brown signed a one-time contract with the Boston Celtics.

These are so-called ‘super maximum contracts’, which allow Players who meet certain requirements Sign a deal worth 35% of a franchise’s total salary cap in the first season of the deal.

These types of agreements are chosen Players with more than ten years of experience in the NBA And those who have seven to nine years of experience in the league and have won MVP, Defenseman of the Year awards or have made the ‘All NBA’ team.

NBA: Controversy over 65-game rule

As part of the new collective bargaining agreement agreed upon in 2023, the NBA introduced some Strict rules to encourage participation of players Especially the most representative of the league in the regular season.

between them, Starting this year, a minimum of 65 games must be played, with at least twenty minutes on the court., so that a player can qualify for the year-end awards. That means 17 is the limit that should not be crossed to comply with the rule.

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At the halfway point of the season, many stars are already in a tough spot. jimmy butler absolute leader of los miami heat Last year’s finalists, have already missed fifteen games.

Jimmy Butler, head of the Miami Heat.

was one of the greatest attackers of the New Testament Tyrese Haliburton Who has become a great celebrity at the age of 23 Indiana Pacers And that, despite the high level shown on the court, he could lose more than 40 million euros during the term of his contract due to his physical problems.

The contract the Wisconsin native signed with the Pacers last summer allows him to qualify for the maximum contract for his category, 30 of the Pacers’ salary cap, starting in the 2024-25 season. %, as long as it is part of the all-. NBA team, as revealed by American media.

Indiana Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton.

He has already missed fourteen games this year (13 complete and one in which he could not reach 20 minutes on the track) and injuries are needed to secure those additional 40 million.

Kawhi Leonard is suffering from the same disease as Joel Embiid

Another notable case is Joel Embiid is the season’s reigning MVP and the NBA’s leading scorer, averaging 35.3 points per game. His numbers put him among the favorites for year one and year’s best award, but the center is already accumulating Thirteen games over.

The controversy escalated last Tuesday, when Embiid returned to competition after a two-game absence due to left knee soreness in the Philadelphia 76ers’ loss against the Golden State Warriors.

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They played a gray match, in which it was clear from the beginning I wasn’t a hundred percent And the alarm went off in the fourth period, when he had to leave for a Knee Injury.

Joel Embiid, Sixers star.

A debate began in the United States over whether 65-game rule puts players’ health at risk In Embiid’s case, however, it wasn’t a problem of wasted energy. It was Jonathan Kuminga’s landing on his foot while Embiid was lying on the ground that caused the dangerous knee extension.

Despite this, This new physical problem could knock Embiid out of the MVP contest. Of course, unlike Haliburton, Embiid will not suffer a financial loss.

Kawhi Leonard is also suffering from injuries.

One of the players who generated the most debate in the United States for his energy management kawhi leonardNBA champion with the Toronto Raptors and now member Los Angeles Clippers.

To protect his body and avoid injury risk (he broke his cruciate in 2021), Leonard missed a large number of games in recent seasons Something that conflicts with the NBA’s desire to showcase its brightest stars around the world.

Apparently, the NBA’s new policy of minimizing star absences from regular season games doesn’t have much of an impact on them.

“If the league is watching or trying to laugh at what I did to the Raptors, they should stop because I was out that year with an injury. Also, if i can play i will play, I train every day during the summer to compete. “No league policy will help me play more games,” He said at the beginning of the season, asked about the new rules.


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